Is it with the gear puzzle? Once found, an item in your inventory will be fully colored. Then leave the winter world. 1. You need to rescue your friends! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The key needs to be cooled off. 53. Click on the door to enter the house. One of the doors to the train station is unlocked. 5/10 - Part I started. Go back through the pink door and head down the left path. Dispositivo no concreta, no sé qué es.. Agita tu móvil, yo también he estado un buen rato pensando xD. Take the plans for making a boat. Also notice the drawing of the Jabberwocky on the wall. and white face. 12. Leave and enter the train. Sword mold – Go to back of cell. Its in the clockmaker room. 5/14 - Walkthrough finally completed. Turn both valves until the gauge lands on green. Any ideas how I can get the jug for the glue without starting over? Start with the gear that is already turning. Click on the well to go back to Wonderland. 24. Read the note inside the envelope. 56. Also, take the sword mold. Go all the way back and go through the pink door to summer. He will challenge you to find several objects in the room. Remember the loose rocks in the cave in the room with the anvil? This is the order: Upper Middle, Lower Right, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Middle, Upper Left. You can go back and take the path to the castle, but we can’t get in yet. We’ll come back to this room later. Take the boat back to the castle. 21. Head through and tap on the clock to see that it stopped at 5:15. So put the levers like so: Down, Up, Up, Down, Up. Place the control panel on the device area. Take the anvil. Sorry! Place the cake on the dollhouse door to enter. Go back outside to search for other elements. are ® ™ of Disney. 67. Enter through the doorway behind the guard, to the Courtroom. Looking for the rest of walkthrough. Place the key on an element, then go back to the Door to use the transformed key on the element’s lock. Items that need to be found are shown in a separate tab in the inventory. There’s a sign in the garden that says, “Save the kingdom, plant a tree.”. 52. Give the shield to the statue and go through the door. Start with the gear that is already turning. Put the gears in their correct locations so that they all turn. Click on the keys in your inventory and then click again on the Cellar door. The faucet cant be gotten until you get further in the clock tower. 33. Then do the same for the shield mold using the gold ingot. See solution below. The door will unlock when you match all four up. The 3 clues just don’t seem to work. 57. Check out my recommended list for other games you might like. 39. There’s a board nailed down that we’ll come back to later. Alice in Wonderland is a hidden object game created by Merscom and Gimagin for PC. Turn the handle to lower a banner. Learn how your comment data is processed. Look at the two new clues in your journal and use them to solve the chess puzzle. There’s a locked suitcase here with levers that go up or down. Solve the tile puzzle to get a clue for your journal. Go back to the cave entrance and take the left path. Click on the gears blocking the well entrance. Go through. Alice Trapped in Wonderland Look through the telescope and you’ll see the colored weights from the weight/hook room. You have to solve the gear puzzle first. I got so far then couldn’t change the seasons. Then use the tongs to remove the mold. 51. 45. Go back to the spring land and head to the castle. Has anyone figured out how to invert the seasons? Solve the puzzle and get another clue for your journal. Then leave the room. Place the door pieces on the frame. 68. 55. I can’t open the orange door because there are only TWO bars on it. Left side order is red hair, purple with darker red mask head, white hair with red face head. Open the door and go through to the stairwell. I’ve put it together correctly but the right side of the fountain won’t turn on, HELP SOMEBODY. Enter. Take a left again to the bottomless pit. 40. There is something tomfind that I missed and the hints do not mention anything about it. Once completed, place the sundial pieces on the Sundial. 25. Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland is the latest game by MediaCity Games, the sequel of Alice Trapped in Wonderland.It turns out you were very close to rescuing your friends in Wonderland, but the Red Queen anticipated your plans and sent them away so you couldn’t find them. Enter and use the pick to remove the loose stones and get another runic stone. Go back and climb up the vines to see a tree and the castle. Go back and head inside to the furnace and solve the sliding blocks puzzle. I also offer affordable testing and consulting for iOS developers. The sofa chair will move aside, revealing a puzzle on the wall. Place the 11 piece in the center of the lock. 47. 42. Take the coins. Head inside. 69. Ignore the rake for now. Earth element = front of the Duchess’ house. Then go back to the Rose Garden and give the rake to the Gardener. Head inside. Then enter the room to the left of the stairs. 35. 66. You can access it through your inventory. So we’ll come back to it. 22. Open the dresser at the rear of the library. Disney's Alice in Wonderland: The Movie Walkthrough (Nintendo Wii, Windows XP, Windows Vista) courtesy of Disney Interactive Studios. Tap on the newspaper stack to see a 5 next to it and add it to your journal. Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland walkthrough on Gamezebo. Go back to the summer land and head to the water mill on the left. This walkthrough guide will help you if you get stuck. I’m stuck at the second fountain puzzle. You need to solve it through trial and error. 4. 23. Use the pick on them to get another runic stone. Hope you've enjoyed reading my playthrough of Alice in Wonderland for Commodore 64 and Apple II! Arrange the books on the shelf to make an image and then take the medium key. Stuck on the mask puzzle. Head down the left path. Perspecto: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions, Escape Game: “Sealed Love Letter”: Walkthrough, Samsara Game: Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide and Solutions. Go back to the fall area and use the wagons key to open the door in back of the train. There’s some birdseed, but we need money to pay for it. 62. 60. I somehow got 5 seeds- I was able to plant one of the seeds – changed the season, went back, climbed the tree to get the jug. Been able to go a little past of current walkthrough. Take the anvil, then leave the room and go up the stairs. See solution below. right side is light pink white face head. Give the completed game card to him. Go back to the fall land and use the tongs to grab the incandescent key from the train.

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