save. Until I stopped supporting the government, my “opposition” to it was a matter of opinion and had pretty much as much weight as any other opinion does; you can’t hide from the burden of free will. Also: the underground economy, a.k.a. With the government’s tendrils woven throughout the economy, it’s tempting to throw up your hands and give up on trying to make personal economic choices that aren’t tainted by complicity with state coercion. how tax resistance fits the bill → Here are some recent examples where the government worked to impede people who were trying to do the green thing. It seems like a pretty dumb term for a political disposition as I haven't been able to find any relevant reading via Google or Wiki. As Sunni writes in the comments to his post: Right now, the agorist counter-economy is non-existent. His most significant and lasting contributions may well be the terms Kochtopus, which has since been adopted as a term of derision by a wide range of people critical of the Koch family's money and political influence, and minarchism, which describes a state of affairs where the state still exists but its power has been stripped down to its barest necessary minimum, which Konkin saw as serving as a neutral arbiter for the enforcement of contracts and the prevention of fraud, aggression, and the destruction of property. What's more, the right wing of the libertarian movement has become a train wreck in recent years, its growing alliance with paleoconservatism and right-wing populism in the '90s and '00s eventually giving rise in the '10s to the alt-right and neoreactionary movements that abandoned libertarianism altogether. That said, I often find myself frustrated at FSK’s seeming lack of creativity in finding agorist solutions when they exist all around us. A review of “Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor” by Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh. The algorithm used by SVT's Valkompass to get a percentage of how well two entities' political opinions are aligned.. Overview.

Explorer Find similar podcasts. Also: American prisoners are scamming the I.R.S.

What would it look like if the U.S. opposition were organized, energized and relevant? He said it was absurd to lump together businessmen and factory owners skirting regulations together with the underground/illegal economy as if they were all consciously part of the same mass movement.

releases statistics on how many taxpayers are being disobedient, and what they’ve been doing about it. He was also a minor figure in science fiction fandom and writing. Also: notes on the underground economy in San Antonio and war tax resistance in Spain. More posts from the PoliticalCompass community. I think this is a very good place to be. underground economy → Black markets matter! Are people still trying to discredit the Lancet study? Also mutualism is left-wing, there's no property relations. employees. If you have been directed here directly from another site, we ask that you read our homepage before continuing Test. Also: the I.R.S.

Linaweaver's and Koman's sci-fi writings also incorporate some influence from Konkin's political theories.

Sunday browsing bits & pieces: Opting out of the money economy, leaving the sinking ship of a nation-state, and giving an red-white-and-blue homecoming to a war hero. And that much is legal… probably… so far, anyway. A Picket Line grab-bag with plenty of news of government waste and advice on how you can save your skin by ignoring the reasonable voice of authority. A "free market" economist who is a dead ringer for Milton Friedman is eventually convinced to switch his allegiance from the collapsing government to the emerging stateless economy. And: A new tool enables people to barter expertise and trade tutoring. At FSK’s Guide to Reality, the proprietor reminds us that the perfect is the enemy of the good. The uniqueness of our take on politics is reflected in the gratifyingly enthusiastic reviews we’ve enjoyed in the national media of many countries from our earliest years — as well as from many teachers and academics who continue to use our work.

A new website to help the distributed DIY solidarity economy, tax resister barricades in Ireland, a profile of war tax resister Jon Klein, more vermin at the I.R.S., and another toll gate destroyed by Rebecca. Political Compass Memes. Also: the adolescent sophistry of the tax protester set hits The Picket Line’s comment section. There’s no grand ideological or conscientious stand involved, just a tax payer getting sick and tired of it. Erica Weiland summarizes her keynote address on Economic Disobedience and War Tax Resistance. Also market socialism should not be that authoritarian lol. I’ve been making and selling a variety of candies — mostly caramels and truffles — for a few years now.

Any time a neighbor borrows a power tool instead of buying (or renting) it, or a friend helps another with his vehicle, it’s counter-economic. The New Libertarian gave advertising space to the Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial group founded by Willis Carto. The Mises Institute especially has barely anything about Konkin and his Agorism despite the fact that both stem directly from Rothbard's anarcho-capitalism.

The novel posits a future world in which an alternative economy, complete with its own underground currency, flourishes while the government-sanctioned economy is collapsing amid hyperinflation. I was thinking the same thing tbh. The Political Compass. It’s the way humans have done business for far longer than shops set up outside the home, with only credentialed individuals permitted to engage in certain activities — and that’s an important key to turn in others’ minds, it seems to me. That's it really.

And: Vivien Kellems gathered a posse to challenge the self-employment tax in 1952. Avaritionism, from Avarice (extreme greed). His battles with Rothbard and his mainly right-libertarian supporters didn't help matters either. U.S. prisoners discuss the American war tax resistance movement. Press J to jump to the feed.

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. An excerpt from John Beverley Robinson’s “The Economics of Liberty” (1916) on the subject of taxation. When I talk to people about their government I feel like I’m talking to someone in an abusive relationship. “Yes, the government steals my money and lies to me and threatens to throw me in jail and it’s always going off on these destructive binges, but there’s an election coming up and I think maybe it’ll change this time for real and I don’t want to just give up on it after putting in all this time and emotional investment.”. Agorists recognize that situation can not develop through political reform.

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