Well, as much Afie as Afie himself could handle. I just try to feel confident in my own position about things.”. It also features the graceful guitar work of Sam Weber, a virtually unknown musician whom Jurvanen discovered on YouTube. Prior to the move, Jurvanen had made regular trips to the East Coast above and beyond regular touring visits, including his honeymoon with his wife Naomi, and … Jurvanen was so fired up from the L.A. sessions that he almost immediately took his band – which includes guitarist/lap steel player Christine Bougie and singer Felicity Williams – into a Prague studio mid-tour to continue recording. It’s nice to have my rubber arm twisted a little bit and it’s been a realization for me that I can use it as a vehicle to make more art, connect with people and just have the fun of coming up with ideas for videos and content.”. I’d like to do that. “You say things in songs that you’d never, ever say in conversation,” Jurvanen notes.

Sad Hunk is the 5 th album from Toronto-born artist Afie Jurvanen who got his start playing with a who’s who of renowned Canadian artists from City & Colour to Feist to Zues before releasing his debut album, Pink Strat, in 2009.

It’s almost like a photograph as opposed to a painting, where if you don’t like the color of a certain flower in the garden, you change it. Afie Jurvanen, also known as Bahamas, at home in Toronto, Feb. 9, 2012. The moniker originated from his wife, poking fun at an over-dramatic photoshoot early on that seemed out of character. “Never in a million years would it have dawned on me to just stop doing everything and do nothing.”, While empathetically acknowledging the unmatched devastation this year brought to many around the world, the artist feels grateful for the grounding experience of 2020. To order

“I wanted to go to the guys who already do that.”. This troubles no one more than Jurvanen. [5] Downtown Music Publishing represents Bahamas songs. “Don’t try being someone else,” says Jurvanen. ECentralSports targets the emerging premium Impressively, their overdubs and additional tracks (some of which was also recorded in Toronto) blend seamlessly with the Gadson/Palladino sessions. “I know Brian Wilson did it and Elliott Smith did it — everybody does it — but for me, it was really new,” he chuckles over an early-evening beer in his west-end backyard. [1] He is of Finnish ancestry. Nick Drake comes to mind when the strings come in — and they come in a few times on the new album — while the music shares an easygoing quality with the likes of James Taylor that makes Bahamas’ presence on the roster of Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records label not all that surprising. Sold out.

“The idea that there’s only one way to live life is so backward. We’re just here on this rock for such a short time, and then we die.”, Songs like “Own Alone” and “Trick To Happy” offer commentary on this concept.

[7] The album received nomination at the 2013 Juno Awards for the Adult Alternative Album of the Year. “I enjoy touring, I feel like I’m good at it, it’s just something I’ve done for my whole adult working life, essentially, being a professional musician. What are we doing here? However, the Canadian musician Afie Jurvanen has managed to use that alias to put out five albums to critical acclaim. Jurvanen feels fortunate for his gentle, upward momentum as an artist. “That song came from being fascinated by how being on our phones all the time changes us at a cellular level—it changes the way you think, it changes the way you operate,” says Jurvanen. expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto Kevin Van Paassen/Kevin Van Paassen. The simple joy of cooking breakfast for his kids, or the camaraderie of his mutually-responsible community in Canada that has closed their borders and kept their case counts down, has confirmed his perceived role on “this rock.”, Disregarding his risk of sounding cheesy, Jurvanen dubs himself a “community guy.”. As a songwriter, he aspires to bring forth as much individualism with as little bullshit as possible. Brad Wheeler.

“Before we started recording I just tried to make sure that the lyrics and melody were as direct and powerful as they could be,” Jurvanen says.

“I played for them, there were probably 10 people there, and I had a great time and they had a great time, and I just thought that if this is what it is, then so be it. He released the album under the name Bahamas in 2009 and was subsequently nominated for a 2010 Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Album of the Year – Solo. When I was 15 I was, like, ‘I wanna play guitar.’ And now I do. “That one’s about my brother, who’s a recovering alcoholic and recovering addict and just got sober again a while ago,” says Jurvanen. I don’t know that she is satisfied with any of them yet, but this is probably my best attempt yet. And I’m sort of in that fortunate position that I can live anywhere, just due to the nature of my work. The album received first place on Q ' s Top 20 Albums of 2014.

Listen to Bahamas’ new record Sad Hunk, here. A collaboration from same team as 2018s Earthtones Christine Bougie/Don Kerr/Mike OBrien/Felicity Williams. He credits a local marketing company for helping him generate “in-character” content to keep him connected and promote the new record. Recorded by longtime producer and multi-Grammy nominee Robbie Lackritz (Feist, Jack Johnson, Robbie Robertson), Sad Hunk is the next step in Afie’ virtuosic signature style of restraint as a guitarist. “I asked him to come out and record with us without even knowing what I wanted him to play, which is generally how I like to work with people: I always think it’s so much more interesting when you let them find their way into the songs on their own.”, An album born from charmed spontaneity and raw imagination, Sad Hunk unfolds in a genre-less groove-heavy and jangly sound beautifully suited for Jurvanen’s warm vocal presence. I think that’s probably why I like playing more as a solo artist than as a band. Songwriting feels entirely too personal to Jurvanen to share the experience with others. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Jurvanen is every bit as easygoing as the music he makes, and the man is not ashamed to sound smoooooothe. The self-conscious “Not Cool Anymore” offers a tropical acoustic ambiance with hilarity. I just somehow stumbled into this thing where it’s like I play guitar, and it’s amazing.”, Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. [10] He won the awards in both categories. The award-winning songwriter and musician Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen), returns with his fifth full-length, Sad Hunk, on October 9, 2020. “I think I’m always trying to get closer and closer to the source, like the way old blues albums were made—there’s no production; all the emotion you’re hearing is just the players, the room, the song. We just like it here, plain and simple,” he says from his Halifax home. We don’t end up playing here as much as we want to. I enjoy that just as much as I enjoy travelling to Western Australia and playing some big music festival there too.”. I’d love to have a successful music career — that’s what I’m trying to do — and usually, to do that, it’s synonymous with hit songs and that kinda stuff.

Do you know how many people want to play music but can’t? But it’s a perfect term to describe the wry sense of resignation that fills Bahamas’ approach to topics like isolation, disengagement and acceptance. In 2020, there is a great cultural reckoning happening in America. “But if people give a sh — about what you’re doing, you know? Though slightly devastating, he re-trained his ego and expanded his repertoire with strong points of comparison. I feel like we don’t get to play enough here,” he says. Why not wake up somewhere beautiful every morning?”. “The idea that we can solve all of the world’s problems at once could drive you crazy. And at Harbourfront Centre’s Natrel Rink (235 Queens Quay West), Saturday (January 20), 6-8 pm, all ages. Collett was in attendance and Zeus was the wedding band. “They seem to be able to do anything,” he says. “It wasn’t so much a professional decision as it was a lifestyle decision and a decision for my family. We all have to figure out a way to try and live together, even when it’s hard.”, For all its moments of heavy-hearted reflection, Sad Hunk ultimately channels a certain lightness, the pure elation in expressing what often goes unspoken. “I’m not suggesting we become Luddites and churn our own butter, but I do think we need to question whether you really need to have this thing on you at all times.”, Elsewhere on Sad Hunk, Bahamas slips into a tender examination of love and all its complexities. What happened is the most uniquely Bahamas-esque record yet in Jurvanen’s three-album catalogue. “We’re all sad hunks—we’re all these broken, beautiful human beings,” he explains about meeting this moment in time.

“I have music; I have a family, a house, a barbecue.

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