There is proof of it, when there was a question raised about George sexuality, Adelia supported him by saying that he could have been with several girls, but he is an honest man. Not only this but Forbes also listed George on the world’s highest-paid actor. Many of the lucky people received fame just by becoming a member of a celebrity family.

Also, on the other hand, her brother George has a massive amount of fame and wealth. By profession.

Similarly, George Clooney has an enormous amount of net worth $500 million. However, she is also an independent who has earned money from her profession. Zeidler was in the US Army and served the country for a long time. Being the sister of a famous Hollywood actor, George Clooney, there is nothing much about her professional life. After 17 years of married life, her husband died and now she lives with children in Augusta County, Kentucky. Alison and Nicholas are very close to their uncle and share a bond like father and son. According to, he has already accomplished to earn $500 million as of his net worth. She had one daughter named Alison and a son named Nicholas Zeidler However, the two children of her has already grown up and currently supporting her mother. Clooney is very close to brother, George Clooney. Adelia had to go through a tough phase when her husband, Zeidler died in 2004. Moreover, she has a younger brother named George Colloney who is a famous multi-talented actor.

She has a very popular sibling as a brother named George Clooney as mentioned above. However, looking at her pictures we can say she is quite curvy and has a fair skin tone.

Clooney's son-in-law, Norman Ziedler, suffered a fatal heart attack Monday morning, according to a statement from the campaign. She shared her childhood with her brother. They always has a strong bond since their childhood and due to that, the two siblings made great siblings.

She is currently a widow of her late husband Norman Zeldler. She is an accountant who earns money just by doing her job.

Talking about her parents, her mother was a beauty queen and a city councilwoman and her father is a former anchorman and TV host. Clooney is neither married nor in a relationship.

Adelia Clooney has a job in payroll and accounting. But on September 27, 2014, they officially wedded at Ca' Farsetti in Venice, Italy.

Defending her brother, Adelia admitted that the rumor is quite ridiculous. Clooney didn't share any details about her sons. Adelia Clooney’s Salary & Net Worth. In the year 1987, Clooney tied the knot with the love of her life, Norman Zeidler. Even though Adelia was born in the United States of America, no information about her actual date of birth is revealed to the media. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Estimated Net Worth- $18 Million.

She gained a name as she is very close to her brother. Looking at the net worth of her wealthy brother George, she probably lives a lavish lifestyle on her own. Furthermore, her brother George Clooney is famous for his roles in the movies like The Descendants and Syriana for which he got Golden Globe awards. Get to Know Adelia Clooney – George Clooney’s Older Sister. Here are all the details you are searching for her. The pair are both two children’s happy parents. However, the star had to go through a tough phase in her life as her husband, Norman died due to a heart attack in 2004. Besides, Adelia keeps making her appearances with her brother in the public events and awards programs as well. Your email address will not be published.

Along with Golden Globe awards, he has won two Academy Awards with his impeccable acting skills. Visit Glamour Path for more information about a celebrity. Besides that, she has also famous relatives as well.

But the has a long history together because they were both close friend who eventually turned into husband and wife later.

Subject: Husband of George's sister dies Fort Mitchell, KY (AP) -- Congressional candidate Nick Clooney on Monday temporarily suspended his campaign schedule after a death in his family. Also Read: Shelby Chong Married, Net Worth, Wiki, Children & Husband. Until now she hasn’t shared any details about when and where she was born.

Moreover, she is an accountant by profession, and also she is a married woman. But there is a little and close to no information about her lifestyle. According to Payscale, his average income salary is around $6 million per annum. They shared two children together. After 17 years of married life, her husband died and now she lives with children in Augusta County, Kentucky. Who is Danny DeVito? But there is actually no information about how much she earns and her actual net worth. The couple lived a happy life together until her husband Zeilder left her with two responsibilities. Although the star was born in a family where all the members are part of the entertainment business, she loves to live her life under the radar. After her husband died, she raised her children as a single mother. Similarly, the star has blonde hair type. © 2020 Famous Directory - #1 Famous Birthdays & Lists of celebrities.

He was also the reason that Adelia came into the limelight. They are not only a sister and brothers but also a best friend.
She has not decided to marry again with anyone. As of 2019, he hasa net worth of $80 million.

Her father is a former anchorman and television host who worked for AMC Network, and mother is a City Councilwoman. I know women on their 20’s and even young grand mums would kill to have a date with this guy and the ones who did couldn’t make him finally settling down. Adelia’s friend, Norman, tragically died in 2004. Besides that, she is still continuing her job as an accountant which leads that she will increase her net worth in the future.

There were many obstacles in Clooney’s life after her first love died. mode: 'thumbnails-b', She received the basic monthly salary of $4,144 which comes to be $49,728 per year.

May 2, 2015 - The wedding of Adelia "Ada" Clooney and Norman Zeidler, center, included this moment with Clooney family members March 14, 1987 on the banks of the Ohio River in Augusta, Ky. From left, Nina and her husband, Cincinnati WKRC-TV anchorman Nick Clooney, their daughter and new son-in-law, Nick's sister, Hollywood star Rosemary and bride's 26-year-old brother, actor Grorge. Also, they can earn up to $77 thousand per year according to their experience in the field. The couple began a relationship when they were in the teenage.

He was a kind and honest boyfriend to every girl he dated.

According to some reliable source, her net worth is around $200 Thousand. Your email address will not be published.

Similarly, Adelia Clooney is also rose to fame by becoming the sister of a Hollywood Legend, George Clooney. Adelia Clooney got married to the love partner, Norman Zeidler, 1987.

He is not only an actor but equally involved in filmmaking. One such star is Adelia Clooney. The cause of her husband was a heart attack. But due to her strong mentality and family support she has become one of the successful people.

Looking at the net worth of her wealthy brother George, she probably lives a lavish lifestyle on her own.

The siblings share a very strong bond and support each other in hard times as well. Her brother has also won three Golden Globe Awards for his best acting. You can search all about famous birthdays that include various celebrities birthday with their bio, family life, social media profile. She received the basic monthly salary of $4,144 which comes to be $49,728 per year that comes from SBP as a pension of the retired army. Similarly, Adelia Clooney is also rose to fame by becoming the sister of a Hollywood Legend, George Clooney. Besides acting, he serves as a film producer, director, and activist which helps him to increase his net worth.

If you are curious about her livelihood, net worth, spouse, age and height, then read the whole article.

Prior to that, she was married to her friend, Norman Zeidler. Adelia Clooney is known for being Hollywood legend’s sister, George Clooney. In addition, Adelia is the mother of two adorable children. She further explained saying that it was easy for him to attract beautiful girls during her high school. Also Read: Evelyn McGee-Colbert Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Husband & Parents. She is a mom to two children and currently residing near her parents.

So, let’s find out more about Adelia Clooney just by reading this full article.

Adelia Clooney got married to the love partner, Norman Zeidler, 1987. Adelia Zeidler aka Ada Clooney and Ada Clooney Zeidler is the sister of the hottest man on the planet over 50.

Also, the couple stayed together for a long time until Zeldler took his last breath. Adelia Clooney came into limelight through her brother, George Clooney who is a well-known actor for his role in movies like The Descendants and Syriana. But there is one website called that says that the average earnings of an accountant are around $53,748 per year. They shared two children together. Let's look at some interesting information about Adelia Zeidler: Adelia has an estimated net worth of $300k which she earned from her career. In their marital life, the couple had two children and currently, Adelia is taking care of her children.
Hence, she is living a luxurious life along with her children. She has two children named Alison Zeidler and Nicholas Zeidler. Adelia Clooney has made her name with the help of her legendary brother.

Though the name Adelia might be new, you must be familiar with the name George Clooney. Also, she is the daughter of Nina Bruce and Nick Clooney.

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