Images of The Royal National Park. In the Aboriginal Dreaming, it is believed that clouds were created from the first spout of water which emerged from the airhole of the first Whale.. It is in the Australian south-west, and the people there had a word for it: “koon-dur-nan-gur” gundur nanGur = “thunder or rend the clouds, to” thunder: [4 (b)] Grey [: 415:33] [Minang]. Scott Nind, ten years earlier, made a fairly similar record: "condernore" gundir nur = "thunder" thunder: [2] Nind 1831 [: 415:4] [NYUNGAR]. Thunder is caused by the beating of their immense wings. A search for 'white' provided many different word groupings, but the following collection seemed relevant here: From these records it may be taken that ', Edney Hassell, howver, provided support for it (', The consonant sounds 'g' and 'j' seem often to be mixed, or interchanged, and this might have been occurring here. "{konder, mulgar}" gundir = "{thunder}" thunder: [10 (k)] Curr [: 415:7.1] [Kaniyang], "kondor" gundur = "thunder" thunder: [10 (s)] Curr [: 415:8] [Minang]. cloud: Moore 1842 [:62:14] [Minang].

A cloud.” cloud: Moore 1842 [:62:14] [Minang]. On a more serious note, in the Dreaming[2], two initiates broke tribal law and as punishment were transformed into clouds; their tears of regret still fall down to us as rain. Clouds here exemplify compassion.

There is also the suffix '-, "(Northern dialect.) Sacred Trash - Ibis Legs - Totemistic Design Wristlet, Book Review – The Secret River by Kate Grenville, Spiders at Queen’s Gardens, Townsville, Australia. So what about ‘nanGur‘? white: Moore 1842 [:31:20] [NYUNGAR], "dyoondal" dyundal = "white, fair hair" white: [3] Lyon 1833 [: 438:47] [NYUNGAR]. There are anecdotes from outback stations of situations where an Aboriginal man ‘causes’ a drought because of being wronged by a white man, to teach him a lesson; before finally relenting and ‘making’ it rain. [3] If you encounter cumulus clouds, the information on Eagle may be relevant for you to read. "tdo-dail" duda[a]l = "fair" white: [6] Brady 1845 [:265:23] [NYUNGAR], "Tdun-dal" dunda[a]l = "(Northern dialect.) Native Symbols acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land we share and respects to the Elders, past and present and all who have gone before. The next two examples appear to be quite similar, both beginning with a simple ‘d’, and the first also omitting the ‘n’—perhaps a recording or transcription error. Two other models which have Aboriginal names include the popular Holden Maloo (Maloo meaning storm or thunder) and the Holden Camira (Camira meaning wind). Consider: "koondurt" gundur[a]d = "cloud" cloud: [3 (a)] Lyon [:237:36] [Minang], "koon-durt" gundur[a]d = "cloud, a" cloud: [4 (b)] Grey [:237:44] [Minang], "Kundart" gunda[a]d = "(K.G.S.) What exactly did the words mean? See more ideas about Aboriginal words, Aboriginal, Words. The clouds are massing.

How does it represent your own nature; how is it like you, and not like you? In many cultures, clouds could be the bringers of portents; different symbols appearing having varying meanings or messages.

", [12 (v) (aa) (bb)] Bates [:311:14] [NYUNGAR], Some scholars have commented on a feature of the Nyungar group of languages, namely consonantal inversion, or 'metathesis'. Another pair of words closely similar to one another may have shaded the meaning of 'whiteness' somehow: "tdoon-dil-yer" dundilyir = "fair; white; light-coloured" white: [4 (b)] Grey [:160:25] [NYUNGAR], "torndiller" durndilir = "whites" white: [2] Nind 1831 [: 440:10] [NYUNGAR]. thunder bum docile willy wagtail thunder white cockatoo -N-Name/Word: Meaning: ... KAMILAROI/GAMILARAAY ABORIGINAL DICTIONARY Aboriginals word from English words. What associations does this symbol carry for you? Thunder[5] is the sound of Waitch the Emu-woman complaining about the load of the sky. Grey claimed 'nanGur' meant 'bite', 'tear' ..., while when Lyon encountered the term he recorded 'ant'.

Thunder was also considered, in the Illawarra area of NSW, to be the wrath of God for some wicked deed being enacted. In their own way, clouds are true to the wind’s course; however another perspective would be that they have no free will. Given that the sequence in the opening example above (for ', NYUNGAR Words: bila—east and west, NSW and WA. So clouds can be a reminder to practice the quality of obedience! white: Moore 1842 [:96:7] [NYUNGAR]. Fathers would point out their faces in the clouds as warning to their children to obey the laws of their tribe.
This device enables comparisons to be made, and word-matches to be uncovered, by using the searching capabilities of databases. B.A. “{konder, mulgar}” gundir = “{thunder}” thunder: [10 (k)] Curr [: 415:7.1] [Kaniyang], “kondor” gundur = “thunder” thunder: [10 (s)] Curr [: 415:8] [Minang]. Thus any reference to 'river', 'creek' and so on is always rendered as 'stream'.

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