The Department of Transport and Public Works is committed to promoting road safety therefore an embargo is placed on abnormal loads and vehicles during certain periods such as public holidays or long weekends. Police Headquarters, Middlemoor, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7HQ. New members are  always welcome. endstream endobj 14 0 obj <> endobj 15 0 obj <>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 16 0 obj <> endobj 17 0 obj <>stream 8 7 31 0 obj <>stream ",#(7),01444'9=82. On the 27 April 2018 the HTA received notification that with immediate effect there was a restriction on all abnormal loads over 40T travelling over M6 Jeffries Bridge which is located at marker post 430.3 South of junction 38. 0000040936 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %����

0000000016 00000 n A response to our letter of the 22 September was received on the 21 December 2018. Pretoria Vervoerkonsultante | Embargo dates - adhering to the embargo dates set by the authorities is important, find the 2019 embargo dates here Need an abnormal load consultant? The HTA received an email on the 27 February 2019 which gave notification of a blanket movement embargo imposed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on all abnormal loads during peak periods.

0000000436 00000 n It is the responsibility of the owner/ operator for the safe carriage and movement of the AIL or vehicle in compliance with Regulations and Codes of Practice.

Devon and Cornwall PolicePolice HeadquartersMiddlemoor, ExeterDevonEX2 7HQ 0 Abnormal load embargo dates for Gauteng (2019) >, Abnormal load embargo dates for KwaZulu Natal (2020) >, Abnormal load embargo dates for Limpopo (2017) >, Abnormal load embargo dates for Mpumalanga (2013) >, Abnormal load embargo dates for Northern Cape (2020) >, Abnormal load embargo dates for Western Cape (2018) >, Abnormal load permit fees> Represent: We are committed and work hard to represent our members at a national and local level. It has long been established that it is no longer a core function of the Police to escort AIL’s, however if during the risk assessed process a need is identified for the use of Police powers to direct and control traffic to enable public safety to be maintained and free flow of traffic on the road network; minimising disruption to other road users and communities it may be determined that a Police escort will be required as well as private escorts. The HTA is the UK Member of ESTA, the leading European association for the abnormal load transport and mobile crane rental industry so can have insight into Operations and the possibility of networking with large European haulage companies. Provides e-news: Regular updates on what’s happening and members e-news on the website, Produces quarterly issues of Heavy Talk – the HTA journal to keep members up to date, HTA Launch City & Guilds Assured Abnormal Load Training Programmes - 27 January 2020, Water Preferred Policy Update - 01 March 2019, Water Preferred Policy - 20 September 2018, Response received from Nick Hurd MP - 29 March 2018, HTA petitions Home Office over Merseyside Police’s insistence on using ESDAL - 02 February 2018, Copyright 2020 Heavy Transport Association, HTA approved centres provide Training services for Escort Drivers and Escort Managers leading to certificates of competence awarded by City & Guilds, Produces official HTA Yearbook in collaboration with Media Partners, Nimble Media Limited, Holds quarterly member meetings – get the information you need to help you deal with the things affecting you, Provides Representation at Industry Liaison Meetings, Members receive a free subscription to HeavyTorque, a dedicated quarterly magazine providing news and technical articles on a wide range of key topics in the heavy haulage industry. The HTA welcomes eligible new members; to apply working since 1978 �B��U�X��E�h��.� h���_dK'�x�l���5�m�”��`D�������9. 0000033562 00000 n Chester, Cheshire CH3 9PX. It is Force policy that movements of an AIL or vehicle can be notified for up to a maximum of 20 of the same dimensions and weight under a dispensation for a maximum of a 30 day period, without the need to notify each load/ vehicle individually. x�+�2�4�300P0@"-L1Ēs���< \�� 1� The HTA sent a letter to GMP on the 2 May explaining that CAT 1 AILs are being stopped for no apparent reason and asked for a revision of the blanket ban.

Look no further. Please see the attachment for further details. startxref For more information on membership, please visit our join page. trailer 0000001122 00000 n The letter highlighted the procedure for notification proscribed by the STGO and in particular the fact that an agreement by both parties as to the form of notification is a requirement of the legislation. Restrictions on AIL movements within certain time periods and specific parts of the network are detailed for the forthcoming year: The Abnormal Loads Officer, located at police headquarters, will use legislation; nationally agreed criteria and guidance; Force policy and local knowledge under a risk assessed process to make determinations as to the requirements for a AIL or vehicle to be escorted on all or part of the route. Administrative Guidelines (471 KB)

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The Force determination chart outlines the maximum dimensions/ weight without the need for self-escorting: ALL Loads covered by VR1 or BE16 or others requiring Police powers; risk assessed or at request of the haulier, Continuous Dual Carriageways A30, A38, A380 & A361 North Devon Link Road, *NB Loads >4.2m W may require Front & Rear escorts depending on risk assessment, ALL Other Roads within Devon and Cornwall area. 0000039994 00000 n In order to be considered please complete and return. Content uploaded: 20/01/2015 14:41 0000035593 00000 n Amber flashing light on top of the cab (mobile cranes need one at the front overhang and two at the rear). Each province determines appropriate embargo periods to accommodate these dates. There seems to be a problem, please refresh the page and try again. You must allow time to get the necessary clearances from the police, highway and bridge authorities. 13 0 obj <> endobj startxref 0000000676 00000 n

For further information, visit the Abnormal Loads website>. We received acknowledgement of the letter by way of return on the 14 May and now await a full response. Except in special circumstances, permits will only be granted for indivisible loads (ie loads which cannot, without disproportionate effort, cost or risk of damage, be divided into two or more loads). email: Abnormal Loads Officer In special circumstances, where vehicle or load exceeds the regulated maximum weights and dimensions, the relevant Provincial Administration may issue a permit authorising it to operate for a specified period on a public road. If you are responsible for transporting an abnormal load, you need to follow regulations for notifying the authorities. Please note that in order to qualify for such a Dispensation a haulier/ operator must have submitted no less than 30 notifications to the Alliance Forces, but only valid within the relevant Force area. Initial meetings were informal and then as news of the meetings spread, more and more operators wanted to attend. Speed restriction board (400 mm diameter) at the rear above the warning board to be fitted whenever the vehicle is limited to 60 km/h or less. Abnormal load embargo dates for Eastern Cape (2014) > Abnormal load embargo dates for Free State (2020) > Abnormal load embargo dates for Gauteng (2019) > Abnormal load embargo dates for KwaZulu Natal (2020) > Abnormal load embargo dates for Limpopo (2017) > Abnormal load embargo dates for Mpumalanga (2013) >
Annual subscription is just £372 p/a (discount for Escort/Pilot car operators who are small businesses). endstream endobj 13 0 obj <>stream 0000034979 00000 n | Modified: 03/11/2020 14:23 Keeps abreast of EU legislation.

Much of the HTA site content is private to Members of the HTA and require a member login in order to access. Available across selected HTA Approved regional training centres, both training Programmes are tailored to escort and pilot car Drivers across the heavy transport and mobile crane sector to prove competency, reduce risk, improve public safety and promote industry excellence. to become a member of the HTA, please visit our join page. STGO CAT1s are embargoed even though they weigh significantly less than mobile cranes. Members include abnormal load hauliers, truck/trailer manufacturers, route surveyors, permit agents, consultants, abnormal load escorters, ferry owners, infrastructure owners/managers, equipment manufacturers and abnormal load officers. Date Title; 2019-12-09 00:00:00 : Embargo Days 2020: Free State : Embargo Days 2020: … h�b```a``bg```|��A� l�I��`�bE�J�@��� v��z��@� � �) We lobby Ministers and Members of Parliament, we attend liaison meetings, respond to consultations and write and publish articles in a wide range of trade publications. The HTA has recently received several reports of members receiving parking tickets from Parking Eye whilst staying beyond 2 hours free parking read more, The HTA has been made aware that Stop and Direct powers will be devolved by Avon & Somerset Constabulary (ASC) using Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) powers to the Traffic Management Company (Somerset Infrastructure Alliance (SIA)) who are used by EDF Energy to manage their abnormal loads read more, The response to the Home Office letter sent on 24 January 2018  was received on the 29 March 2018 from Rt Hon Nick Hurd, Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service. ... , excluding dates shown on the schedule as interpret the conditions correctly and impound the vehicle's and issue summons. HTA, the association of choice for professional Heavy Haulage Operators and Escort/Pilot car Operators and Managers. ���� JFIF � � �� KM_C554e Q76�� �
In the event of a Police escort being used it will be under Special Police Services (SPS) Sec.25 Police Act 1996. 0000001341 00000 n Heavy Transport Association, 0000032822 00000 n

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