He smiled happily at me, which even now was enough to make me feel a little guilty. You mean that chance that not only was your death not a bad thing, it was probably a great boon to everybody else? It would be enough. More the fool you, Hanno thought. In my hand a golden chalice filled with red sand appeared as I drew out an artefact from the Night. Mind you, mudbricks in this humid a locale would be foolish. I heard a cry of anger, but I couldn’t see what was going on from up here. “We need to reinforce those as they give battle to the undead ahead of them,” I said.

“I fear I have given offence,” the Grey Pilgrim finally spoke into the silence. https://www.reddit.com/r/PracticalGuideToEvil/comments/i32d8i/current_state_of_calernia_as_of_book_6_interlude/, Official Art and Maps Page The analogy that popped in my head is mixing cake batter. Another loss, another one I’d known for years gone and what did I have to show for it?

He really was good, Vivienne thought.

“There are still graves we have yet to fill.”, “Victory lies in understanding the intentions of the enemy.

Still, there was no arguing with a direct order from me when it came to battlefield affairs. “Wasn’t sure the old man had it in him, truth be told.”. A Practical Guide To Evil. A signal spell, I thought. Even when he disagreed with me, even when we did not get along, his participation to the Truce and Terms alone leant it an amount of legitimacy that we badly needed. Behind it, though, was what had to be the missing Luciennerie army. “I expect the Dukes of Liesse aren’t going to be trouble for my successors at least,” I darkly muttered. The Mantle of Woe closed over my shoulders, hood down and with an affectionate kiss on the side of the neck Archer left me to my duties while departing for hers. By our own hands we would make or break this world, and if either gods or Gods disagreed then let them bite their tongue bloody. It’s also an entirely different (but relevant) standard than other the quantitative utility model and the incommensurable rule-based model, being more of a virtue based model. “Catherine had entrusted her with Callow” – that really puts the full stop to any discussion of trust.

That we could match Keter blow for blow, if we had the time and the coin.”. Not so sleepy she forgot to ask this time, though. People did not like it when you asked questions. “It is a figure of speech,” Hakram said. Antigone stood with her hands linked behind her back, wearing the new woolen tunic she had been given.

Hanno had refused to bend on the principles at play because those principles simply could not be bent if the Truce and Terms were to remain worth enforcing. Duties had grown like weeds even as old certainties now passed like sand through his fingers. If he hadn’t, the townsfolk would have insisted on fighting and standing their ground, the white-haired prince wrote in his mind. And worse than worse was that we still had little idea of where the Iron Prince’s host was, what kind of a force it was facing and exactly where the missing Luciennerie army would be relative to us, Papenheim or whoever the Hells it was he was scrapping with. The shoddy hide armour – little more than a vest – he wore over tattered shirt and trousers did nothing to distinguish him from the zombies Keter threw at soldiers by the hundreds, but the long blood-red hair and ancient claymore were… distinctive. “You wouldn’t be…”. Not that it mattered. He tried to lean against a rotating stone but mistimed it and almost stumbled off the floating stone, the Pilgrim discreetly pulling at his robes so he wouldn’t. That did not sound like a particularly pleasant place to be in. And I was honestly inclined to believe that the less I was involved the friendlier the end result would be: I doubted the Heavens would take kindly to my meddling with the tempering of their designated champion. “I believe so,” Akua smiled.

It was always a rare treat to bait out of her a genuine reaction. Some of theirs names she already knew – Okeanos, with the wild temper and the words of the sea, Kronia with her cold stare and deadly sickle – but it was always the same one she reached for with her fingers.

She shrugged, languid, and for a heartbeat Vivienne grasped why Catherine’s eyes so often strayed in that one’s direction. A complicated answer. I heard bones break and organs pulp, his broken body stuck under the massive weight. “And try a drop of honesty, this time – I know it doesn’t come naturally, but you ought to be able to fake it convincingly by now.”, “I have always been honest with my desires, if not how I intend to seize them,” the shade easily replied. I’d need to drag him into the hole before burying him, though, so best get the strings spun out already. That ought to slow him for a span, until I could get something sterner in place. They got caught by goblin legionaries, fangs and claws proving no match for knives and crossbows when they came attached to a pair of eyes that could see in the dark. Further downslope, the sculpted iron helm of the Wolfhound could be glimpsed among the rocks as the Revenant studied them unmoving. Between it and Calernia was where he must stand. Skirmishes had kept happening along our defence lines – mostly the Boot and the palisade  so far – even as I sat in on a meeting of the Second Army’s general staff, letting the well-oiled machinery that General Hune had turned them into go through the necessary motions. He cocked his head to the side, burning eyes swivelling about to study the distance. “Your point?”, “That there are no longer Old Tyrants to fight,” the Grey Pilgrim honestly replied. “Your point?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

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