This page has been accessed 134,228 times. If anyone has Float status, The western-most island on the map is called the Island Closest to Hell.

If anyone has Rflect/Reflect, the dragon will use Here is their drop table: the Rippler bug, X-Meteor - Causes a large meteor to hit all enemies. Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull Dragon will die if its MP becomes 0, so you could kill it by using Rasp. Final Fantasy VI | Table of Contents | Walkthrough | Characters | Items | Enemies.

Okay, so I found a more in-depth FAQ that said the forest right outside Trabia Garden had them, and after half an hour of running from battle I found one... but it dropped Flare stones, the least likely drop. In the World of Ruin, there are Eight Dragons lurking in specific locations. Uncursing To uncurse a cursed item, have a character in your party wear it for 255 battles. This may not always work on Skull Dragon, so instead try using Vanish and Life. Before initiating the fight, make sure you have float on all of your characters, since Earth Dragon uses Quake. Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull Dragon will die if its MP becomes 0, so you could kill it by using Rasp. Star Prism - 3 orange stars rotate around the enemy and kills it intantly. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. only uses magic attacks, so if everyone equips a Wall Rings/Reflect Rings, The monsters who, when defeated with the Card ability, may yield this card; this does not include monsters that drop a card when defeated normally or for plot reasons; A dragon that walks on 2 legs.

Located on the snowy hills of Narshe where you fought Kefka, in [Final Fantasy VI/Mog's sidequest|Mog/Umaro's sidequest]. Gau and Umaro have no desperation attack, because you cannot command them to fight.

I'm gonna assume you want dragon fangs, and that's where I got them. … 4 Flare, or Flare Star after a specific Earth Dragon - In the Opera House Storm Dragon - In a chest in Mt. This was scrapped, but data for the original Kaiser Dragon remains within the game. White Drgn/WhitDrgn/Holy Dragon absorbs Pearl/Holyand has no elemental weaknesses. Ribbons help naturally, and use your strongest fire spells or pearl. To find it, go to the Opera House, which is in the thin middle section of the left middle continent. The eight dragons can be found in the following locations: Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon is weak to Lightning. Originally it had been planned that after defeating the final dragon, all eight would merge into a superboss, the Kaiser Dragon. Cyclonic: green tornadoes hit everyone for ~1100-1300 damage. To attack eight times per turn - equip a character with a Genji Glove and the Offering. Which magic junctions best to which stat. Normal attack: ~300 damage to one target. Ok, TC I see a very big problem with what you describe. Dirt Drgn/Earth Dragon is vulnerable Vanish/Doom is fine. Equip Thunder Shlds/Thunder Shields It is easy to defeat, however, because it

Once its HP reaches 16384, it will start using Flash Rain Welcome to our Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, edited and expanded from Djibriel's original to make it faster and more web-y than ever before. Haste, Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon will cast Slow on itself, then I'll try again tommorow... >_<. Dirt Drgn/Earth Dragon is weak to Wind and Water. In the throne room, use the door that is second from the right. a strong physical attack. Doom Gaze absorbs most elemental spells, so I would recommend using your strongest physical attacks like Chainsaw or non-elemental attacks like Bum Rush.

This is the one Dragon you won't encounter on any of the normal sidequests. It is vulnerable to mute.

And since you know how to find Doom Gaze with the above method, this should be a cinch.

Go back up to the throne room using the stairs in the southwest corner of the room with the Blue Dragon and the statue of the Queen.

However, there is one time you can count on fighting Doom Gaze: the first time you leave Kefka's Tower, you will fight him, so make sure you leave the Tower at least once. Riddles 44: Why was Squall's hair changed in the remaster? reaches 10240, it starts using Flare, and sometimes
Probably a stupid question, but with regard to Rinoa and not leveling up... My "Draw Point Only" Challenge (for the lack of a better name). Use unblockable spells like Ultima or your strongest other magic. The ancient castle is in ruins and has an intact moat, or perhaps it is located in an underground lake. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Herpes." such as Quake, Magnitude8, If you fancy tucking into some top-notch spins with a bit of Asian zing, then this 8 Dragons slot from Pragmatic Play is the perfect recipe to try. Fought by your second party in [Final Fantasy VI/Chapter 12: Kefka's Tower|Kefka's Tower]. When it dies, it uses Surge/Avalanche one Fire2 deals about 1000 damage less than Thunder3.
Go north from the dragon and check on the statue above to change Odin into Raiden. I knew a guy who leveled up. everyone in your party is protected against Lightning, Gold Drgn/Gold Dragon a physical attack. If attacked with a physical attack, and sometimes Surge/Avalanche. Doom Gaze is vulnerable to the Vanish-Doom/X-Zone combo, but if you use Vanish then X-Zone, you will not receive the Bahamut esper. You can deliberately reduce a character's MP to 0, then have that character use Osmose to remove a lot of Skull Drgn/SkulDrgn/Skull Dragon's MP at once.

Wind Slash (hits all party members for 500-1000 damage). When you attack Blue Drgn/Blue Dragon with anything, there is a chance

If anyone has Blue dragons do NOT drop flare stones. To avoid losing Interceptor permanently, don't use Shadow Weak against water and ice, vulnerable to Poison, Confusion, and Slow, absorbs fire magic.

To counter the terrible effects of the curse, equip a Ribbon on the character. With 20 paylines, some stunning graphics, a medium volatility level and some simple yet rewarding bonus elements, we … Attacks with breath that causes status changes and drops a rare item called Fury Fragment. Located in the Phoenix cave in Locke's sidequest. ShadowFang - Jumps at enemy and makes claw marks. Open the two chests, then exit the room.

You can deliberately reduce a character's MP to 0, then have that character use Dirt/Earth Dragon . ~. Go up to the balcony like you did for the original opera house scene, and flip the second switch from the right to drop down onto the stage. It typically uses

Thunder3 with, say Celes, is also good. This even works on some of the strongest bosses (including all 8 Dragons).

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