YouTuber Shane Dawson described in graphic, NSFW detail what it's like to eat the worst sandwich in the Fresh to Go lineup: tuna salad. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act.

Unfortunately, the sandwiches are a complete bust. Register >. You'd need to walk 58 minutes to burn 210 calories. Unfortunately for 7-Eleven, a big ad campaign and social media exposure doesn't usually save a product that tastes like garbage. Register >.

The sad part about the taquitos is that one isn't enough to be considered a meal, yet there's so much sodium in them (about 780 milligrams) that having just one could induce "meat sweats" even though there's hardly any meat in them. Earn points on every purchase with 7REWARDS, skip the line with Mobile Scan & Pay, and get delivery in select areas with 7NOW. It might be the "healthier" option, but your money can go further if you purchase something else from 7-Eleven. ©2020 7-Eleven, Inc. All rights reserved. And there's more shame attached to them. Try one of our many taquito flavors, and pair it with a Cold Pressed Juice. That's what these are, but they aren't made with love.

Download the 7NOW App, or visit our 7NOW Delivery pages. Craving an affordable meal that’ll fill you up, while keeping your wallet full? The burritos are extremely inexpensive (usually under $1.00), but it's better to get a bean and cheese burrito at Taco Bell and load up on the fire sauce than to nosh on 7-Eleven's private-label, tasteless grub.

True, some food choices there are at least passable, but not everything they serve is a good choice. Besides the obviously not-so-fresh nature of the Fresh To Go sandwiches, they're simply not a great bang for your buck. It's checks off all of the boxes I look for to tantalize my taste buds. No surprise, these pejoratively named "ghetto burritos" are a health nut's worst nightmare, perhaps unless you're a fan of late-night bike rides after chowing down on a beef, bean and green chili burrito?

It comes in dozens of flavors, from the fan-favorite Coca-Cola to bizarre concoctions like Faygo Cotton Candy, but you should think twice before you grab a cup and pull on the lever of your local 7-Eleven's Slurpee machine. It's brewed by City Brewing Co., which specializes in producing bottom-shelf brews. 7-Select Burritos are in the freezer section so in order to have one hot and ready, you'll have to use the in-store microwave and ask yourself a series of questions. At $1.99, you can grab a more traditional and tastier cheeseburger pretty much anywhere else for the same price or even cheaper. The 7-Select burritos are like Tina's, but without the name recognition or the taste of after-school snack nostalgia.

It's the one item that separates 7-Eleven from its convenience store competition. Or don’t choose – you’re going to love them all. Let's be real here — these are chugging beers, not admire-their-lacing-in-nonic-glasses beers. It won't wreck your day if you're counting calories (it only has 190), but it's extremely processed (a Buffalo chicken roller does not appear in nature) and loaded with sodium. If you do want Buffalo chicken and you don't mind throwing away the bones, 7-Eleven actually has pretty decent Buffalo chicken wings, and unlike the Buffalo chicken roller, most 7-Eleven locations always carry them. Despite Pang being absolutely correct, 7-Eleven and Frito-Lay felt the urge to bring Doritos Loaded to your local Walmart's freezer section if you want to enjoy gas station frankenfoods in the comfort of your own home. The taquitos at 7-Eleven are almost as ubiquitous as the Big Bite hot dogs.

If you show up to an actual game day party with some version of Game Day Ice or Game Day Light, just be aware that you might not be invited back. Products and services available at participating locations. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Download the 7NOW App, or visit our 7NOW Delivery pages.*.

I'm perfectly fine with occasionally overindulging on things that could potentially shorten my life span, but only if they taste delicious. You know the diagonal-cut, white bread lunches from your childhood? Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune described Doritos Loaded as "the edible equivalent of the online clickbait, a misleading headline that tricks gullible Americans with enticing buzzwords (Doritos, warm cheese), then delivers on an unsatisfying-something-else altogether.". The Buffalo chicken roller isn't offered at all 7-Eleven locations, but just in case it's at a store near you, avoid it. It's like that, only saucier and saltier. "You don't have to chug all beer," you're thinking. They do share some prime real estate with each other, but unlike the hot dogs (which are better than overpriced stadium franks), the taquitos can't be saved with the free condiments 7-Eleven likes to spoil you with. According to the company's corporate website, the convenience store chain sells an astonishing 45 million gallons of fountain soda a year. Are you really willing to cook something using the microwave of a convenience store?
This site is intended for residents of the U.S. & Canada, excluding Quebec. The Monterey Jack and chicken taquito will make you wonder if the chicken escaped the taquito before it got stuck underneath the heat lamp. Currently on Beer Advocate, Game Day Ice has a solid 54/100 rating with Game Day Light doing a bit better at 62/100. Earn points on every purchase. No matter what you end up grabbing, your taste buds are going to thank you. Remember school cafeteria pizza? Slurpee. Described by Brand Eating as a gigantic Burger King chicken fry, the Buffalo chicken roller is like a spicy chicken fry but much drier and denser.

7-Eleven decided to flip the script by making a hamburger in a tubular shape, sticking it in a hot dog bun, and calling it the Cheeseburger Big Bite. According to Reader's Digest, a 44-ounce Dr Pepper Slurpee contains a whopping 825 calories.
Terms & ConditionsPrivacy PolicyCalifornia PrivacyDo Not Sell My Personal InformationCalifornia Transparency in Supply Chains Act. To me, Buffalo chicken is the perfect food.

They make Natural Ice and Natural Light look like they're too good for a red Solo cup. Grab a Taquito from your local 7-Eleven, available 24/7. There are 210 calories in 1 taquito (3 oz) of 7-Eleven Steak & Cheese Taquito. If you're lucky like I am, that place is Wawa, a glorious gas station that makes fresh, made-to-order sandwiches at all hours of the day. This site is intended for residents of the U.S. & Canada, excluding Quebec. What are the chances it'll still be frozen in the center when you bite into it?

Can't make it to the store? If you're looking for more soda for your money, getting a fountain drink is certainly the way to go (unless you live in a place like Philadelphia where soda is taxed by the ounce), but how often do you think the machines are cleaned? Grab a Big Bite® and a soda, while you’re at it.

The folks over at Brand Eating think 7-Eleven's pepperoni pizza "looks a bit like a Little Caesars pizza and falls somewhere between pizza chain pizza and frozen pizza.". Can't make it to the store? From Wings to Taquitos to Big Bite Hot Dogs, 7-Eleven has freshly made hot foods ready to satisfy your cravings.

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