A good number of you really need to read your comments and internalize how vile they really are.

630 CHED Open Line. Rebecca Joseph, Managing editor, Alberta online Hear the audio that matters most to you. (ie Rutherford). Jespersen displayed his left bias continually and drove a lot of listeners away from CHED. Close. Public domain Public domain false false: This image consists only of simple geometric shapes or text.

I never heard of the guy but his employer says he was fired for insulting the employees of his guest by calling them chimpanzees. which he rejected!

Ok Folks could we try being a little bit civil. This wasn’t the first time he let his mouth run. I listened to CHED for the first time in years while I was a mini road trip, traveling to Saskatchewan for a 2 day vacation on Thursday and Friday. Can’t have anything but rabid cons on Alberta talk radio. 630 CHED 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. ", I was curious why complete strangers would do this for us. I wish I could say I’m sorry but by comparison to Danielle Smith’s level headed and common sensical approach to the concerns of the day, Ryan wasn’t even in the race. He was what I looked forward to each and every morning.
Size of this PNG preview of this SVG file: Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. THANK GOD YOU ARE GONE. Auf Wiedersehen and Sunny Days Jesersen. There has been little balance in our media with leftist ideology taking over, maybe some balance may return. I feel for his family and I hope he finds another means of income but I’m pumped his voice is off Edmonton air. Currently there is little or no revenue from the above sources, and very little advertising from other businesses. It was Ryan’s way or the highway. Was it restructuring in disguise, was it cancel culture in these woke times, was it the left, was it the right…???? First, to compliment him.

For now, have heard that’s precarious too! 630 CHED Radio is a music radio station.

That jackass finally got his dues!!!! I can’t believe you’ve now let Ryan go, in favor of boring us with Danielle Smith! Now to get rid of Shaye and his counterpart and maybe then I will listen to 630 again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:630_CHED_Logo.svg, Created by uploader in Adobe Illustrator CS3, {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Logo of 630 CHED}} |Source =[http://www.630ched.com/Other/PDF/custom/SmarterThanPrimeau/SmarterThan02.pdf] |Author =unknown |Date = |Permission ={{PD-textlogo}} {{Trademarked}} |other_ver, {{BotMoveToCommons|en.wikipedia|year={{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}|month={{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}}|day={{subst:CURRENTDAY}}}} {{Information |Description={{en|630 CHED Logo}} |Source=Transferred from [http://en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia]; transferred to Commons. No matter what the season, Greenland’s experts are on hand to help you be the best gardener you can; indoors and out.

Very sorry to see you leave. We're here to help. Broadcasting is just like watching something hemorrhage to death in slow motion. I will not listen to CHED anymore I always liked Ryan. Missed Adler On Line during the week? I’m buying a lottery ticket today! Many of us do and I wish there were more Bruce Allen’s out there telling it as it is as opposed to all the snowflake opinions. Canada Radio Stations. Thomas Dias, Newsroom So I will wait with interest to see what the future holds in store for Ryan. I absolutely despised his show from day one and since Bruce Bowie left the morning on CHED was so hard to listen to- I was always happy when Danielle took over occasionally If Ryan got bounced for lobbing a verbal SCUD add a city counsellor staff – yikes. Ryan Jespersen was the only reason I ever listened to CHED. This could be the beginning of a major shakeup at 630 Ched. One look at his smug picture and you can tell he’s a huge narcissist; I bet he thinks he’s really cute and special, but a bully, and that came across on air too. I wonder how long Adler and his “kitchen sink” are going to last. Oh come on.. I’m sure if tested under an Audit it could be proven true. 22. So obvious! Being in the Vancouver area, do not tune in CHED, so know little of R.J., but CHED is Corus.

Listen weekend mornings to hear about what’s going on in Alberta; interviews and information regarding cultural events, hot issues, professional and amateur sport, destinations, and... Cheryll Gillespie and her daughter, Sam Shakura are designed to provide listeners with inspiration, ideas, and timely advice to save money and make your home and life simply sensational. You don’t even deserve that, Great to see him gone. The increasingly deranged and self- righteous narcissist Charles Adler is also walking a fine line these days…. Ched, bell and all the other news stations in Edmonton are garbage. Gave his listeners something to think about. He’s an idiot. News channels need to be unbiased in reporting and interviews. Most arrogant jerk I’ve ever heard on the radio. What a ……station. I thought I was living in another dimension when this Alberta talk radio host started calling people stupid because they were concerned about forced vaccinations and bulk 3rd world immigration at the behest of the UN. Your topics were boring and one sided. September 27, 2020 - 12:26 am Bonnie. He is left of centre and made his hate of centrist and conservative opinions obvious. Who is controlling the airwaves?

J’lyn Nye, Host, 630 CHED Afternoons

So what is a listener to deduce from that? Cassandra Jodoin, Producer WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO CHED. He also was a decent human being who cared about people. How does it feel to be cancelled. Danielle Smith is a daughter of the Great Blackfoot Confederacy. Ched and Global have turned to the left and except for a few personalities they are not objective or centrist anymore. Edmonton, AB T6E 5N8 Ryan is an excellent journalist whose opinion I respect. He attracted haters, but his show was amongst the most popular in the country; it always amazes me how people can justify texting someone on the radio with insults and thinly veiled threats, and come on a forum such as this and throw around nasty insults … but he’s the one who’s arrogant? I’m not overly keen on Chelsea Bird, and her mcdreamy nonsense, but I think Shaye Gangam is just right for an early morning. They love when Reggie Cecchini (what a piece of work he is) calls in…..they follow his every word like its gospel, its just more leftist rhetoric, what ever happened to reporting facts . Not really cool CHED!!! Big talker. Congratulations to Syd for making a decision so close to his retirement. Inside Sports with Reid Wilkins brings you the latest on the Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton Eskimos, and the local sports scene. Shane Hewitt is awful at night. This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 18:46. Shaye Ganam, Co-host, 630 CHED Mornings Ryan wouldn’t have had a show without his family and friends to prop him up. @630ched Twitter Good riddance! It used to be preset in my vehicle as a primary radio station and I used to enjoy it and listen to them religiously , not any more… I hope this radio station falls and never returns to air waves…, Jesperson was a bright light of common sense and decency. Morley Scott, Eskimos play by play Hearing Danielle Smith imply he got fired today was the best experience I had listening to CHED in a long time. Best news ever! If his ratings were good Corus could have easily backed up Jespo. I would say that was the correct move on the stations part. The World Financial Report brings you timely information on the worlds most exciting markets like oil, precious metals, currencies, commodities and hard money markets like very rare color diamonds and collectibles. I thought the whole point of 630 Ched was that it is a “conversation station?” Whether good, or not so good, I don’t think anyone knows it better than Mr. Jespersen. Listen to her Pod Casts. If the ratings were that bad, the station has likely used the opportunity to restructure. Ched used to be such a great station to listen to because of the talk show hosts than they climbed on board with Covid news, All the Snowflake whiners like cmon Ched Jespo was awesome he makes one comment and he is gone. Outside of hockey Ryan was the only person worthy of respect. Archived. She pushes politics and wastes time of guests because she keeps butting in when he/she are trying to answer her question. I wish Mr. Gifford would fire Bruce Allen. But I guess he brings in the sponsors, and Corus seems to be in free fall these days so they need the cash.

I might start listening again if they have someone who doesn’t pander to the Marxists. Dont get me started with J’lynn …….like listening to the military vagina monologue since Grose was removed…..do you really care she an honorary member of a helicopter squad?……why do I know this?? Hopefully the Oilers follow this same direction and keep you off the mic at the games. If memory serves me drex used ti simulcast with Jesperson. Why? Ever tried listening to Charles Adler as of late? I could never stand to hear him talk on the radio or on the morning news. 5204 - 84th Street If it is indeed the verbal tango with that city counsellor that torpedoed his gig I hope he sees a lesson learned and walks the path of improvement. Welcome to Those Old Radio Shows. He simply guilty for exposing the gross incompetence of the Kenney regime. His downfall was that he calls out public representatives, asks the hard questions and doesn’t let them get away with thier avoidance responses – which s why certain municipal and provincial political figures found it more comfortable to hide from him on air and instead put a bounty on him from the comfort of their offices. 630CHED Instagram, “It is absolutely a responsibility of our government to be there for Canadians outside our country,” Freeland said. Who amongst us not sinned “ONCE” in the past year? Thank goodness for CFCW. Truly a joy to listen to. You abused your position at CHED , an opinion is one thing ,but misinformation and down right bullying guests and callers a like to the program has finally come back at you.

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