jQuery(this).removeClass("sfhover") */ } * html ul.rMenu li.sfhover { z-index: 999; /* not totally needed, but keep the menu that pops above all other elements within it's parent menu system */ } * html ul.rMenu li.sfhover ul { left: auto; /* pull the menus that were off-screen back onto the screen */ } * html ul.rMenu li.sfhover ul ul, * html ul.rMenu li.sfhover ul ul ul { display: none; /* IE/Suckerfish alternative for browsers that don't support :hover state on LI elements */ } * html ul.rMenu li.sfhover ul, * html ul.rMenu li li.sfhover ul, * html ul.rMenu li li li.sfhover ul { display: block; /* ^ ditto ^ */ } * html ul.sub-menu li.sfhover ul, * html ul.rMenu-ver li.sfhover ul { left: 60%; /* dropdown positioning uses the left attribute for horizontal positioning. /* For IE6 */ }); For context, there is a precedent for conduct with respect to the flag and this may help explain why kneeling for the national anthem in front of the national flag is considered controversial, even while trying to bring attention an important social cause.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the rout…the Lions actually came to play and gave the 49ers a surprisingly tough game, scoring the last 14 points before losing 30 – 27. Finalists must be available to attend the following events: Final Dance Audition: Thursday, March 28th. } * * The fix to get dropdowns to appear over form fields requires we * position menus off screen rather than simply hiding them with * display:none. no workaround has been found. The 49ers are the former team of Colin Kaepernick, who knelt during the anthem as a protest back in 2016. jQuery(".post img").each(function() { jQuery(".post table tr:even"). You decide. videoMaxHeight = ( maxWidth / videoWidth * videoHeight ); Any other rules that use the LEFT property in the * normal rMenu system will also have to be ovewriten here as well. } if (jQuery.browser.msie && /MSIE 6\.0/i.test(window.navigator.userAgent) && !/MSIE 7\.0/i.test(window.navigator.userAgent) && !/MSIE 8\.0/i.test(window.navigator.userAgent)) { //

this is something you might want if your top-level is a vertical menu that spans the width of a column which has its width pre-defined.

Alex Shultz is the SFGate sports editor. jQuery(".post table tr"). Team members must have a reliable means of transportation. Marshe’ enjoys traveling with her husband.

A recent amendment to the code said that military personnel out of uniform could also salute. focus(function () { Born in Japan at Yokota Air Force Base, Symone is very proud of her African-American and Asian heritage and her family’s service in the United States military. + parseFloat( videoParent.css( 'border-right-width' ) ), /* toggle "you can use these xhtml tags" */ */ } /* ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------- EXTENDED MENU MECHANICS - Center Horizontal Menu --------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ */ div.rMenu-center ul.rMenu { float: left; position: relative; left: 50%; } div.rMenu-center ul.rMenu li { position: relative; left: -50%; } div.rMenu-center ul.rMenu li li { left: auto; } /* ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------- DROP POSITIONS ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ */ ul.rMenu-hor ul { top: auto; /* a value of 100% creates a problem in IE 5.0 and Opera 7.23 */ right: auto; left: auto; /* typically want a value of 0 here but set to auto for same reasons detailed above */ margin-top: -1px; /* so the top border of the dropdown menu overlaps the bottom border of its parent horizontal menu. She enjoys reading, writing, thunderstorms, her puppies, arcade games, and special effects makeup. The Gold Rush currently has 31 members, in line with previous years, and will bring 18 people to each home game.

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