range. 458 SOCOM has slightly greater case volume 61.5 gr H2O vs 60 gr H2O.

First, a bigger round had to be fired using a standard M16 simply by exchanging the upper, with no changes to the recoil spring, buffer, or anything else. It’s a highly modified Tapco Intrufuse magazine, costs $50, and is limited to one per customer when available. LeGendre and Bushmaster agreed to let Hornady shorten the case to enable them to use their 250-gr. As mentioned, the 450 Bushmaster case is a tapered but straight walled case while the 458 SOCOM is a shorter, fatter bottlenecked case. Western Powders’ Handloading Guide Edition 7.0, available on-line, offers a lot of information for both the 450 and the 458. Even at that range, the round will hit harder than a .45 ACP +P round from a 1911-style pistol. Yup. While a gun owner can buy or build a rifle in the caliber, he or she can also simply buy or build an upper receiver in .458, swapping uppers to shoot the larger, more powerful ammunition. Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, State Agency: Bowers says you can use his CAC45 on a subsonic .458 loading. But wait. There are other brands on the market, too but excluding exotics like the lightweight ARX-style “drill bit” bullets, factory 450 Bushmaster ammo falls into the 250- to 300-gr. A .458 upper can transform a rifle from a .223/5.56 target and self-defense rifle to a big bore, big game rifle.

In general, the lighter rounds achieve a higher velocity, while the heavier rounds are slower. Pennsylvania Game Commission, State Agency: That guy was asking about 458 and 45/70 being used in the Octane neither of which was good according to SWR. The sole company still offering a 10 rounder for the 450 is Tromix Lead Delivery Systems.

New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, State Agency:

Holy Schmoly, Batman!

Nowadays Hornady offers 450 Bushmaster ammo with the 250-gr. The development of .458 SOCOM represents some of the best recent innovation in firearms, allowing millions of existing AR-15-type rifles to switch to a higher caliber by substituting just two of scores of parts. Enter To Win A Walther Arms PPK/S Stainless Pistol Prize Package! Come reloading time, the 450 Bushmaster can use common jacketed 0.452″ bullets intended for the 45 Colt, the 454 Casull and the 460 S&W, but usable bullet weights top out at 325 grains. Purchase A PDF Download Of The GUNS Magazine January 2020 Issue Now! All Rights Reserved. Marty ter Weeme and Tony Rumore eventually heard about their complaints. The sheer amount of energy delivered by the heavy round is adequate for all large North American game animals, from moose to elk to bear. Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, State Agency: 450 Bushmaster runs at a slightly higher pressure, 38,500 psi vs 35,000 psi. lips are gouging your cartridge cases and identifying tight spots. http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_2_523/249708_Octane_45_on_458_SOCOM_.html.

Even at that range, the round will hit harder than a .45 ACP +P round from a 1911-style pistol. Two different animals.

A modified magazine follower is recommended to ensure reliability, another part than can be swapped out in a minute or less. polymer Flex Tip expanding (FTX) bullet, Winchester has a 250-gr. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, State Agency:

Southern Ballistic Research has been making SOCOM ammo since the very beginning and their continuing research and development has led to an extensive line of ammunition — currently 29 different loads — for law enforcement, military use and hunting. Today, several other companies also offer 458 SOCOM ammo. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, State Agency: Tim licensed it to Bushmaster, who then went to Hornady to make the ammo. The .458 bullet rapidly loses energy, however, dropping to 500 foot-pounds at 500 yards.

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, State Agency: The 4″ difference between the two accounts for about 100 fps of the velocity difference. Not surprisingly, Lyman also lists two cast bullet loads, using their 225-gr. Maryland Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: Properly engineered in the first place, the rifle and cartridge were a success from the first time out. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, State Agency: The 458 SOCOM is … Copyright © 1996-2020 AR15.COM LLC. FTX for the 450 is only $31.99, or $1.60 per round from Midway USA. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: At a savings of more than two dollars per round, it doesn’t take long to pay for a basic reloading setup. The large round was invented specifically as a short-range man stopper. The caliber as the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated explains, “uses a lengthened .50 AE case with a rebated rim and is necked down for a .458-inch bullet.” A variety of loads are available in the 250 to 600-grain range. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, State Agency: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, State Agency:

JHP. The larger ammo will even use .223/5.56 magazines, though a standard capacity thirty round magazine will only physically fit nine .458 rounds. Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: magazine (left) lips by 0.040" wider for reliability than the Lancer mag by Tromix. Southern Ballistics Research offers their own SOCOM-named powder and data for 300-gr. Alaska Department of Fish & Game, State Agency:

The 450 Bushmaster started when Tim LeGendre developed the 45 Professional cartridge using common 0.452″ bullets for use in those states allowing deer hunting with rifles using straight-walled cartridges up to 1.8″ long (generally considered pistol cartridges). However, the standard barrel length for the 450 is 20″ with a 1:24″ twist while the 458 SOCOM standard is a 16″ barrel with a 1:14″ twist. Nope, not even close. For serious work there are many 450 Bushmaster specific bullets. New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, State Agency: Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. The cartridges do their best to double stack and also frequently force the magazine feed lips wider, eventually ruining the mag and allowing the cartridges to self-eject. TSX HP bullet is listed at 1990 fps. An article in the U.S. Army’s Infantry magazine says of M855 in Somalia, “...too often required multiple hits to neutralize an opponent, even though many Somali males were of slight build.”. The 450 Bushmaster 250-gr.

One of the more interesting—and powerful—upgrades for the standard AR-15 rifle is an upper receiver in .458 SOCOM. In doing so you’re immediately confronted with a puzzling choice — the 450 Bushmaster or the 458 SOCOM? If you need to live with your state’s hunting cartridge restrictions, it’s the 450 Bushmaster. In a nutshell, both rounds were developed for different purposes and the SOCOM came first. Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: TSX runs $54.99, or $2.75 each, and 300-gr. The 450 Bushmaster factory ammo is generally limited to 250- to 300-gr. Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, State Agency: Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, State Agency: The two discussed the reported performance of the M855 round for the M4 carbine and M16 rifle during the U.S. intervention in Somalia in early 1993, particularly during the battle between members of Task Force Ranger and militias controlled by Somali warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid.

bullet designed for the .45 ACP, and a 325-gr. If you decide to go with the 458, you’ll need plenty of bucks for ammo or learn to reload. SST bullet and the 450 Bushmaster was born. A box of 20 SOCOM 250-gr. cartridge and doesn’t crimp their factory ammo (top) while Federal does (middle). AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own.

OK, so you’ve decided you want to shoot something bigger out of your AR15 and have decided to skip the intermediate stuff and go all the way to the .45 caliber. It should meets your needs well. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, State Agency: You can run cheap 45 ACP bullet for plinking ammo. What could be better than a 10-round magazine-fed semi-auto equivalent of the venerable .45-70?

If you want the .45 with the most versatility, it’s the 458 SOCOM.

The 450 does get a bit of a boost from being loaded to a slightly higher chamber pressure than customary for the 458 (there is no SAAMI standard for the .458 SOCOM). If you are familiar with a CAC45, its gigantic and built like a tank.

Ed bullets. Reloder 7 and a CCI 350 primer with an OAL of 2.020" . I suppose you could use it on a pistol if you want to hand cycle every round and maybe use a monopod. Kyle Mizokami is a defense and national-security writer based in San Francisco who has appeared in the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring and the Daily Beast.

SOCOM reloaders can crimp to their hearts’ delight (bottom)! And I thought shooting my .45-70 was expensive. Is there a can that will work on a 1911 and an AR in 458 SOCOM subsonic (450+ grain)? I remember someone asking this question on another forum and the SWR rep replied that the Octane 45 would NOT be rated for the 458 SOCOM.

The conversion process typically takes thirty seconds or less.

There’s no dearth of .458 bullets up to 500 grains for reloading thanks to the 458’s faster twist rate but hard-copy data is a bit skimpy. The .458 SOCOM caliber was invented by Marty ter Weeme of Teppu Jutsu, LLC, after an informal discussion, reportedly held during a barbeque, with a member of the U.S. special operations community. A .45 caliber rifle suppressor rated for 458 SOCOM would be WAY to big for use on a pistol. Therein lies the rub — standard .223 magazines can barely contain five of the skinnier 450 Bushmaster rounds. Which one? Bullets in .458 diameter are common. The Rangers wanted big heavy bullets for everyday operations plus the ability to use extra-heavy bullets at subsonic speeds fired through suppressors. In this case, the .45 ACP is the larger and fatter bullet that has more impact. A .45 caliber rifle suppressor rated for 458 SOCOM would be WAY to big for use on a pistol. Nope. New York Department of Environmental Conservation, State Agency: Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. [Last Edit: 5/5/2015 3:38:42 PM EST by mpallett]. State Agency: Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. In most cases a longer barrel allows the pressure created by burning gunpowder to give a bullet extra push, but the developer states that complete powder burn with the stock 300-grain cartridge is achieved with just a 9.5 inch barrel. Because it doesn’t feed worth a darn in larger magazines. Extreme Point polymer-tipped bullet, Remington has their 260-gr. It’s a great flat-shooting, hard-hitting cartridge with far more power than needed for deer. Ballistics of the SOCOM have been compared to the 45-70 except in a semi-auto AR-15 rifle. Iowa Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: much for the 458 SOCOM but it does make inserting the first round easier.

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