What Recent Buyers ReportMost of the weight of this shotgun is concentrated rearwards which helps with swing and handling. MSRP: $1,799; benelliusa.com. Plus the balance offers a perfect swing.Bottom LineThe BT-99 is the perfect gun to use for trap shooting sports.

The gun will never have any misfire or issues in performance. A good option would be to start with BB guns/air rifles for safety. We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience. The 28 gauge shells have very low recoil and this gun can be handled easily with minimal effort. While keeping the gun usable for decades to come. Since a new round has to be chambered manually after every shot. That’s where youth guns come in. The inflex recoil pad makes the shotgun comfortable to the maximum extent possible. Most orders ship within 24 hours (excludes firearms).

What Recent Buyers ReportThis shotgun is very easy to handle and shoot. The basic idea is to get a short, lightweight, and low recoiling gun to suit young shooters. But their soft palms and small stature requires tools of appropriate size. We also carry a full range of shotgun shells and accessories. Why it Stands Out to UsThe Remington 870 doesn’t need an introduction. I think that you are right going the 28 gauge route, … The length of the barrel can be decided relevant to the application or personal preference. We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. Yes.
But when you donn thick winter clothing, this difference can be about 0.25 inches or so.

The gun will seldom jam if the pump is stroked fully. It also comes with a single selective trigger and a top tang safety. Additionally, 28 gauge has become very affordable these days. This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. OUT OF STOCK (4) TRI-STAR SPORTING ARMS 24118 Viper G2 Wood Semi-Automatic 28 Ga. OUT OF STOCK (1) Mossberg & Sons SA28 28GA 24VR Synthetic YTH. Will be useful for years to come, Good capacity, lightweight design, and reliable action, Includes 3 Beretta/Benelli mobil choke tubes, ‘Soft touch’ on stock and forearm for comfort, Semi-auto action with almost negligible recoil, Shim kits for adjustability and vent rib with matted sight plane, May be a bit heavy (6.5 lbs) for very young shooters, Gas system vents extra gasses and aids in recoil, Durable construction with detailed checkering on stock, If shooting means pointing and pulling the trigger hoping you won’t fall back on the ground. Like many other shotgun owners, this gun will decorate the gun safe for a lifetime and more. Browning BPS Field Lefties who want to run a pump on the prairie will like the BPS Field’s bottom-eject action and tang-mounted safety. Firearms purchased online are shipped to your local Academy Sports + Outdoors as … Firearms purchased online are shipped to your local Academy Sports + Outdoors as selected in the checkout process. Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting Compact Youth 12 Ga Shotgun 28" Barrels. Bead sights are already installed on the vent-rib, chrome-lined barrel. The traditional first youth gun is a 20 gauge Remington 1100 Youth model. Franchi Instinct L Over/Under Shotgun 40811, 28 Gauge, 28 in. SEE DETAILS. "Not a Retail Store Stock Item". An aluminum-alloy receiver houses the company’s Inertia-Driven system. All these youth shotguns are suitable for precision applications and are not just guns for plinking or casual shooting. The size here refers to the length of pull (LOP) of your shotgun. What Recent Buyers ReportThe Citori CX offers the perfect balance between clay sports and a hunting shotgun. The SA-28 is very hard to beat at its price.

Mossberg & Sons, Inc. Safety and Safe Firearms Handling is Everyone’s Responsibility, Privacy Center | Stevens Youth 555 Compact 28 Gauge Over/Under Shotgun, © 2020 Academy Sports + Outdoors. We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. Beretta also makes one with the 390.

Most users review it as the best trap gun and the features of this shotgun are surely in-line with such claims.Why it Stands Out to UsThe BT-99 micro is as good as it gets for a youth trap shotgun. Here's a couple things you should pay attention to in your quest for the right shotgun: Make sure that your kid is of the right age and mature enough to handle a firearm.

Shorter size and lower weight than a normal size shotgun make it a youth model. The shotgun can be used for hunting and casual clay sports.

This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item.

With zero complaints about performance issues from any user. This gun is widely used for hunting turkey, pheasant, dove, and sports like skeet and trap. There’s no break-in period as you may expect and the shotgun is very durable.

It is one of the most trusted and used shotguns of all time. Firearms purchased online are shipped to your local Academy Sports + Outdoors as … The most common characteristic of youth shotguns is their compact size. Coupled with the fast and accurate shooting of a 28 gauge, this shotgun is perfect for wood walking and bird hunting. It is also very easy to hide/carry and has a little kickback. Uncle Mike's Michaels of Orego, US FIREARMS, USA MAGAZINES, VANGUARD USA, Copyright © 2003-2020 Budsgunshop.com. Terms of Use | Your parents can buy a handgun by filling the apt forms and undergoing a background check.

These shotguns offer a good balance between weight and barrel length. The gun features a good Turkish walnut finish which doesn’t require much attention, and also won’t make you fret upon damage. The shotgun is perfect for young shooters due to its size, safety, and limited capacity. Stoeger Uplander Side x Side Shotgun ST31190, 28 Gauge, 26\", $ 390.00 (0) Bronze Shotgun Bore Brush 28 Gauge $ 2.89 (0) Cotton Shotgun Mop 20 Gauge $ 2.89 (0) A-Zoom 28GA PRACTICE AMMO 2RD $ 6.96.

Free FedEx Option* (0) Phosphor Gun Cleaning Brushes Shotgun 28 Gauge $ 1.32 (0) TC BBL PROHUNTER 20GA 28 RIFLED SS

But it should only be a gift and not a straw purchase, and you and your parents must be residents of the same state. Why it Stands Out to UsThe 28 gauge is also considered as the dream-gauge to shoot upland birds because of its uniform pattern, low recoil, and the lightweight of these shotguns.

It is an amazing shotgun for eradicating or scaring off vermin while being fun to shoot. But when you donn thick winter clothing, this difference can be about 0.25 inches or so.
... 16 Gauge; 20 Gauge; 28 Gauge; 410 Bore; Home Defense; Over/Under; Youth Shotguns; Left Hand Shotguns; Air Guns. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 28 Gauge Shotguns at Hinterland Outfitters from top brands like Browning, Remington, Winchester, Savage, and many more.

This shotgun can work wonders in the right hands. The traditional first youth gun is a 20 gauge Remington 1100 Youth model. This item is viewable at our retail store in LEXINGTON, KY. Along with other additional features such as sights (bead or fiber optic), finish (simple or camo), stock material, barrel length, chamber length, and price. All Rights Reserved. This gun has a pump operated action which is very safe for beginners. You can use our Live Chat if you have any questions about the item you just added to your shopping cart.

What Recent Buyers ReportThis shotgun is very well built and cycles flawlessly.

Bottom LineThe Mossberg 500 is a simple, affordable, and reliable pump-action shotgun that is perfect for beginners as well as experienced shooters with a small stature.

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