The bore and stroke measurement is 82 mm by 68 mm. The "Limited" tag was dropped from 2003 and 2004 XPs and DI, for direct injection, was added. Adjustable mirrors were added to the cowling. The idle speed in water is 1,500 RPM, and idle speed out of water is 3,000 RPM. Customers who … All Rights Reserved. The 95s used the same upper deck as 94s, aside of some color and graphic changes. The standard XP cowling with adjustable mirrors and gauges returned. FREE DELIVERY on eligible purchases.

The 800 was also differentiated by a yellow hull, top deck, seat, cowling and handle pole cover. An all new hull specific to the XP was developed which brought a "lean in" style of riding to the craft. The transmission is a direct drive. valve 110HP motor,[3] the trim strips, and had yellow upper and lower hulls. The new engine was 782cc and was equipped with pressure operated variable exhaust port timing valves, or (Rotax Automatic Variable Exhaust) R.A.V.E. For 1998, the power to weight issue was solved by the new XP Limited model. Nonetheless, the riding experience was enough for the XP to win WaterCraft World's Watercraft of the Year award in 1997. This craft was powered by a 951cc (called a Type 947) engine with reed valves on the intake and R.A.V.E. Sea-Doo carries different aftermarket batteries. The XP DIs were given a whole new color scheme: red hull, deck, cowling, and handle pole cover; black hood, pivots, rub rail, and boarding handle; and a silver seat. My question for you is . [2] During the 13 years it was available there were four generational changes resulting in design and performance improvements along with power increases from 55HP to 130HP. can I just use a motorcycle battery that is the same size and sells for a lot less? In 2000, the XP was named Watercraft of the Century by Watercraft World magazine. The compression ratio is 6.4 to 1. Orbital direct fuel injection was added to the 951 cc engine for improved fuel economy, performance, and emissions. YTX20HL-BS Scorpion 12v 320 CCA Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery Price: $94.95 Size: 6 7/8 x 3 7/16 x 6 1/8" C.C.A. © 1997-2020 LLC.

Loading… Get free shipping on all orders over 100$. This model also achieved some additional speed thanks to the new pump extension, which created a higher water volume at the pump front. . The 1993 model was powered by a 650cc Rotax engine with dual carburetors and a tuned exhaust pipe and produced 70HP.

Also, a 4 inch long pump spacer was added in front of the pump. To avoid expensive electrical system damage NEVER jump start your ski with a running vehicle!! Powered by the 717 and 787 model motors. A limited edition model, the XP 800, was offered in 1995 as well. ... 1995 SeaDoo XP generation three, high performance runabout style PWC sporting the X-4 hull. Used on: SEA DOO XP800 1995 XP 1995-1997 XP LIMITED 1998 XP LTD 1999 XP 2000 XP Intl 2001 XP N. AMERICA 2001 12V / 18AH / CCA 270 DIMENSIONS: LENGHT: 6 7/8 - 175mm, WIDTH: 3 7/16" - 87mm, HEIGHT: 6 1/8" - 155mm AGM (absorbed glass mat) is a special design glass mat designed to wick the battery electrolyte between the battery plates. All three models included the 587 yellow engine. A variable trim nozzle and bronze impeller were added to the jet pump.

Visually, the XP featured a purple lower hull, pump, seat, cowling, and handle pole cover. The 1991 GT and SP were identical to the 1990 models with the exception of a grab handle being added to the SP model. ",, Articles needing additional references from August 2012, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 August 2020, at 02:45. The dry weight of the watercraft is 815 lbs.

[1] The Sea-Doo XP is a significant model in that it was the first high performance version of a sit-down style watercraft to be offered by any manufacturer. For 1995, the XP sported the new X-4 hull which was based on race hulls used the previous year. The bore and stroke measurement is 82 mm by 68 mm. Thanks so much! The X-4 hull handled far superior to the previous hulls. Regular unleaded fuel is required in the 9-gallon fuel tank, with a minimum fuel octane of 87. In the XP, the SP's 580cc Rotax engine was upgraded with dual carburetors and a tuned exhaust pipe. No one in the industry can match our wide selection and superior customer service.

The deck remained white.[3]. [3] The hull, seat, cowling, and handle pole cover were now green, while the grips, intake grills, and boarding handle were red. Whatever your need, we have the replacement batteries that will meet your expectations. Further enhancing this was Sea-Doo's "Direct Action Suspension," a raised seat that was mounted on a pivot and had a shock absorber at the opposite end. The 1991 XP was named "Watercraft of the Year". Sea Doo Tips. The 1993–1994 XP was based on Sea-Doo's second generation SP hull. The 1996 XP carried over many of the features of the XP 800; the Type 787 R.A.V.E. [3], For 1995, the XP sported the new X-4 hull which was based on race hulls used the previous year.

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