Now that the sun had set, I wanted to see how this setup would handle some heavier cut bait. That is exactly what gives musky anglers the most headaches when chasing these fish. This 13 Fishing 20 oz, stainless steel thermal tumbler is powder coated and features an improved double walled construction with copper vacuum insulation for long lasting hot and cold beverages and a threaded snap-fit lid. This hoodie is 90% polyester 10% Spandex and comes in a black heathered look. Matt Baldwin over at 13 Fishing said that once the bearings have broken themselves in they should require very little lubrication. The 13 Fishing Concept Z is unique and lives up to most of the hype and is available HERE.

The figure 8. Read the full 13 Fishing Concept A review HERE. 4.5″ Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg to see if I could pick up some topwater action.

I have been fishing post spawn conditions countless times when I have seen schools of big females roaming slowly near the surface of the water. So the number one thing that everyone seems to be talking about and focusing on with the 13 Fishing Concept Z is how well the reel casts, particularly as it relates to the distance it can cast. With the Beetle Wing access,  the hinges are located at the front instead of the back. The Tatula CT Type-R offers corrosion resistant bearings, a smaller drag only 13.2 lbs and weighs almost a full ounce more.

The baits commonly used at this time of the year are swimbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics, and vertical jigs. Technical features include Sun Protection Fabric that is UPF 50+ , Side Mesh Panels for added breath-ability and comfort, Stain Resistance fabric built with the angler in mind, Moisture Wicking and Quick Dry Material, and is made of an Anti-microbial performance fabric. Understanding that no two musky lakes are created equally, it’s time to do some research. From Daiwa, I would have you take a look at the Daiwa Tatula CT Type-R which also retails for about $20 less than the Concept Z. Muskies – Formally known as the fish of 10,000 casts; for good reason. Prop-style baits, like the Pacemaker, should be retrieved in a straight crank manner. Other Baits – There are millions of different crankbaits, swimbaits, and jigs available to musky anglers, ranging in all different sizes, shapes, and actions. Don't hit the water without your favorite cap! During constant mild conditions or warming trends, fish the shallow sand or weed flats with glide baits, crankbaits, swimbaits, and even soft plastics. Click "OK" to agree or visit the Privacy Policy page to learn more. It’s important to find out the forage species in the lake. 22 lbs Bulldog drag – The Bulldog drag system is a stack of steel and carbon washers that provides a smooth and strong feel from the start with no noticeable variation during a strong run from even a big snook or bull red. Don't let the cold stop you from getting out on the water.

The 13 Fishing Soft Shell Jacket is designed to keep you warm yet comfortable at the same time. Musky Fishing Topwaters – Topwater strikes can be some of the most violent and invigorating hits to watch. Employing cutting-edge cosmetics and premium features, the 13 Fishing Origin Chrome Casting Reel caters to serious anglers with industry leading technologies and unbeatable quality.

At this point in the spring, the surface water temperature is just barely above freezing and the water below the surface is actually sometimes warmer than the surface water temperature. The points outlined in this article are meant to give the first-time musky angler the necessary initial guidance into the sport (or addiction) of musky fishing. Late Fall – If you’re thinking that it’s almost time to put the boat in storage come late fall, think again. A good place to start musky fishing this time of year is on the weed flats/edges. Put your rod tip into the water and make wide sweeping “figure 8” motions with little (about 2 feet) line out. Probably the closest reel to compare the13 Fishing Concept Z to would be the 13 fishing Concept A that is about $20 less expensive.

Not only are top waters great for heart-stopping strikes, they’re also very effective at catching muskies once the water has warmed up. Simple chemistry tells us that colder water puts more oxygen into the system, while the warmer the water, the less oxygen there is present in the system. You invest in a nice reel, love it for the first year or so (depending on use level), but then you see a noticeable decline in casting distance, noise level and overall performance — typically the result of worn bearings.

Be the first to rate this post. Glide baits can be retrieved from a slow side-to-side action to fast and erratic. Your email address will not be published. Bucktails – Bucktails are arguably the most popular bait used by musky anglers. The Concept Tee is a true classic 13 Fishing design that is built for comfort and performance.

Asking your local tackle shop, online forums, or your state’s DNR about nearby musky lakes are other great ways to find a lake near you. I did manage to hook into a few other redfish in the 22″-26″ range and the reel performed flawlessly. The reel cast just as smooth with a heavy bait as it did with the lighter fluke earlier in the day. Arrowhead line guide – This open line guide system is a free-flowing area, allowing your line to pass through without any resistance when you are casting and allowing the line to lay very evenly on the spool when you retrieve it.

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