There needs to exist an element of emotional attraction along with the physical intimacy. Though guys try to put on a macho image, and love baby-ing their sweethearts, it's not like they don't love to be pampered themselves! “You look great.” It’s not only women who like to get compliments on their appearance. Physical attractiveness is important to both men as well as women and there is no doubt about it. Most guys feel at peace when they are in a stable relationship with their girlfriend because there’s a deep need for feminine intimacy in a man’s life. Not only does it mean you’ll want to keep having sex with him, but it means he has all your exes and past flings beat. Every guy wants in a girl someone who accepts him for who he is. “Can you help me with…” Whether you need him to open a jar of salsa, or figure out how to use a computer program, or learn all the features in your new car, when you ask him for help it makes him feel useful. Knowing you don’t have your relationship on some kind of arbitrary timeline is a relief, because then he doesn’t have to worry about any sudden ultimatums.

But what also needs to be noted is that beauty in the absence of other feminine features like – tenderness, warmth, kindness and caring nature – can easily offset a man’s interest in the long run.

It’s not a competition, it’s just common sense. There is a lot less friction and dissatisfaction in a relationship where both partners stay cheerful and laid back. Physical closeness fulfills a deep need for bonding, and this is true for both men and women. It’s hella cute and we know you want to show off your man to the world, but the thing … (6 Signs To Watch Out For), How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Is Right For Me? Most guys what to come to the conclusion that they want to marry their current girlfriend in their own time, however long that may take. If she doesn't make you laugh, then she's probably meant for someone else. Guys want to be themselves around their girlfriends, and it sucks if they can't because of what the girl thinks. Nowadays, it's hard enough making a relationship last, let alone finding out what your partner really wants. She's on Twitter @courtooo, DMCA Policy If you never tell him he’s being a great boyfriend, he might start to think you don’t even notice. “I love you.” If he’s said those three little words, he definitely wants you to say them back. Only a girl can be a guy’s best friend, for a good reason that most guys avoid sharing their emotional side with their male friends. By Bryan Zarpentine; Guys may not be the best at finding the right words to say, but women aren’t totally off the hook. Guys usually have a carefree streak to them and they prefer girls who are laid back and playful to girls who are constantly in a negative mood. Someone who believes in him when no one else does.

“You’re right.” No one likes a person who can’t admit when they’re wrong, so if you can back down from an argument once and awhile and tell your boyfriend that he’s right, he’ll definitely take notice. Belief in His Capabilities. ... And we want this to be cool with you. In truth, they hardly share their emotional sidewith their male friends – so a girlfriend does become a very special person in his life. Guys do expect their girlfriend to be in love with them. Not saying she's got to be all ladylike with high heels but as long as she knows herself, that's all that matters. Some guys might just be looking to have some fun and prefer a casual relationship while some look for commitment and long term bonding.

By day, Courtney is a digital marketing copywriter living in Toronto, Canada. 102 Most Popular Gifts For Your Boyfriend or Husband!

A guy’s need for emotional intimacy and closeness is satisfied only in the company of his girlfriend. There are certain things we wish our girlfriends would say to us more often—here are just a … Of-course, this does not mean that you allow him to use you as his punching bag as that would be taking it too far. Having said that, there are some basic elements that every guy looks for in a girlfriend.

... (Check out the other 10 things men think during sex.) Playfulness is something everyone is born with, but most people lose this part of their personality due to pressures of daily living.

Sometimes we're just not in … Men do look for deep intimacy with their girlfriend.

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