Southwest Wall Art

Reasons to Decorate With Southwest Art

Southwestern Art for the Home

Southwest art is characterized by earthen tones, textured fabrics and crafted pottery. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, adding an addition to your Bay Area home or just redecorating your office, Southwest inspired pieces can add individuality and a powerful aesthetic. The scope of the Southwest color palette is broad, including warm earthy tones, neutrals, and cooler tones.

Native American art pieces also cover a staggering variety of meaningful themes. Many commonly depicted subjects include horses, desert landscapes, mountains, and blue skies. All of these ideas convey freedom and nature, themes that can be especially attractive to urbanites in apartments with otherwise impeded views.

Texture and Color

Hand-woven tapestries or blankets add color and texture to bland walls. Leather and suede are common fabrics in Southwestern art. These textile choices make integrating pieces into existing decor much easier. Painted ceramic pottery can add wonderful room accents, and hand painted tiles can be used in countertops or as a backsplash. The patterns depicted on these pieces are versatile, and they come in an array of colors. For a subtle touch, consider deploying throw pillows with interesting textures in your living room or office lounge.

Decorate With John Nieto Art Prints!

Southwest art decor appeals to so many designers and decorators because of its wide variety of colors, subjects, and textures… but where can you find beautiful, authentic pieces to meet your design needs? Nieto Fine Art’s catalogue offers an array of original paintings and giclee art prints by renowned artist John Nieto, as well as artwork by other contemporary artists. Browse our online gallery today, or call us at (415) 347-8173.


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