The Secret to Creating the Perfect Art Gallery Wall

How to Arrange Wall Art

A properly arranged art gallery wall should showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each piece exhibited. Eye catching art décor arrangements require a deft touch and understanding of color and balance.

Here’s a recipe for aesthetic success, whether you’re decorating a voluminous but empty new Bay Area condo, or you’re remodeling your great room. First, find a basic color to tie your art prints together. Avoid choosing overwhelming colors in a palette. Instead, find complementary colors to draw pieces together into one cohesive arrangement. This creates connectivity in the set when mounted on the wall. You can also use a design element to create a theme rather than color for an exhibit.

Remember: homogenous wall art tends to be boring. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Contrast patterns, styles, and methodologies… tastefully. Similar art pieces blend together too seamlessly when juxtaposed, and this homogeneity can be surprisingly dulling.

Once you’ve selected the pieces, here’s a fun hack that will save you time and prevent backbreaking work: use rolls of paper to cut out the general shape of each item. Make a note on the paper, so you can remember which work it reflects. Then start working on your arrangement. Hang the paper with painters tape to create a layout before mounting the artwork. Do the shapes and colors work? Do you anticipate any mechanical issues – for instance, a piece weighing too much for a structure to support it?

Step back and look at your arrangement – and get opinions from one or two people whose aesthetic judgment you trust – before making any final decisions. The wall should create a visual pull towards the artwork and provide enough of a frame or distance for onlookers to enjoy the pieces together and individually.

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