Bay Area contemporary art

All About Artist Craig Poindexter

A Bay Area Abstract Artist

Craig Poindexter, a full time painter in San Francisco since 2001, strives to prove that beauty can be found in everything, even in things that most people find repulsive. As examples of these traditional non-beautiful elements, Poindexter cites industrial cityscapes, abandoned factories, bad acid trips, and other scenes normally associated with the erosion of American culture. Many of his paintings fall under the category of abstract art.

Poindexter does not limit himself to painting, but also works in diverse media, such as steel, Photoshop, video, and digital photography. He claims that he’s been interested in art since early childhood; in 1989, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from San Francisco State University. After working in costume design, set design, and scenic painting in New York for 5 years, Poindexter returned to the Bay Area to work in media graphics. He now draws on these varied experiences in his art.

See More Of Craig’s Work In Our Online Abstract Art Gallery!

We are proud to exhibit Poindexter ‘s work in the Nieto Fine Art Gallery, an online abstract art gallery showcasing examples of contemporary wall art. Two of Poindexter’s paintings include a portrayal of Chinatown and a painting of Marilyn Monroe wearing a hijab. These provocative works showcase a distinctive aesthetic borne out of a passion to see the world in new ways. Visit to see works by other abstract artists.


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