Modern Southwest Style And Contemporary Decor

Southwest Wall Art

Similar components around the same theme look great when put together as they create a feeling of cohesion and symmetry. However, it is when combining disparate and – seemingly unrelated – elements, that we can feel a whole set of different emotions – it’s both comforting and refreshing. Need some examples? A few slices of fresh mango into a spicy casserole, smooth and velvety house beats combined with pure and classic jazzy tunes, or maybe a loose and relaxed undercut hairstyle to go with your favorite business suit. A magical journey takes over when fusing all these contrasting ingredients to create new life – and contemporary Southwest decor is another grand example.

By combining elements from a Native American background with post-modern and contemporary accessories, Southwest Art & Decor can breathe new life into any space. It sounds like an easy task, but there are a few things to take into account before adding some contemporary giclee prints into your environment, and we can give you some pointers. For instance, there are basically two ways to set up a Modern Southwest Look. By combining modern furnishing with Southwest fixtures – like rugs and cushions, or by mixing contemporary and industrial lighting with a central Southwest Art canvas.

Arguably, one of the most important details to care for is to be cautious about information overload. What this means is that since we’re dealing with disparate components into one physical space, we could easily lose track of harmony and balance. If you have a neutral background, preferably white, feel free to add one or two desert-themed accessories or Southwest prints – as they will most definitely make a statement without becoming too baroque and overbearing. Additionally, if you already have other Southwest fixtures set in place and you don’t want to risk adding too much information, you can safely choose some earthy tones to go with the room – in the form of rugs, cushions, or pieces of furniture.

Contemporary Art Decor

However, what really should matter the most is to be sure to introduce Southwest Art conceived by real Southwest artists who live and breathe what they create. At our 24/7 online Southwest Art Gallery, you can choose one of many John Nieto prints – canvases filled with bold and electric strokes of primary colors. All of his etchings and drawings are proud artistic representations surrounding a theme of self-discovery and tradition, while still featuring contemporary elements. By introducing any of these paintings, you will be able to feel the warm vibes of the desert into your modern environment.