Exploring and Understanding Contemporary Native American Art

 The Importance of Native American Art


When you behold the captivating art décor of contemporary Native American artist John Nieto, you instantly recognize unique elements engrained in each masterpiece. Traditional Native American themes are affectionately portrayed with daring, audacious colors and vivid imagery; creating a sense of nostalgia and cultural dignity in every art piece. Bold strokes and primary colors give character and depth to each painting. Nieto adapts traditional linear techniques when adding detail and intensity to his etchings and drawings. The methods and sentiments towards each art piece he creates cause his work to stand out.

No matter the subject matter, Nieto’s abstract art and contemporary pieces seek to portray sensitivity and deep reverence for the Native American culture. His strong imagery is the essence of his art. By creating robust depictions of traditional themes, Nieto aims to evoke a strong reaction out of the viewer. The lively and animated colors represented in his paintings add class, animation and esteem. Traditional themes such as the dance, the buffalo, the wolf, the cheetah, the bear, Native American chiefs, warriors and more are canonized with great dignity.

Nieto’s philosophy for art and the Native American culture are clearly represented in his technical representation of diverse colors. When depicting a familiar subject matter, Nieto also expresses the item through his views and perspective. It is his thoughtful, philosophical approach to the creative process that makes Nieto such a unique contemporary artist. Nieto art continues to stand out as an honorable, unique and dignified representation of traditional Native American culture. His true philosophy is summed up in the following statement:

“I paint native American themes so I can step back in time and shine some light on those people – that culture. Through my artwork, I hope to show their humanity and their dignity.”

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