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How Art Reproductions Are Assembled

Contemporary Art Prints

Not everyone who appreciates art is of a high economic status, and this means that art prints could be their only option of securing beautiful pieces of art for their homes or offices. This is basically what John Nieto does for his limited edition reproductions. In the same way musicians write a song and don’t actually sell the song, but sell records, he does the same thing using giclee printing.

The Giclee Printing Process

The word Giclee comes from the French language meaning to spray, which is mainly how an inkjet printer works. However, there are some distinct differences between a giclee printer and the standard inkjet printer, one being that it’s much larger. In giclee printing, no screen or any sort of mechanical device is used and therefore no dot screen patterns appear. The image possesses all the hues and tonalities of the original painting.

Giclee printers are relatively over a meter wide and are in some cases referred to as knitting machines, due to their similar appearance.

What Type of Ink Do Giclee Printers Use?

The answer to this question is no. Giclee printers use specialized, light, and fast inks that can remain viable for up to 25 years if not left out in the sun. The manner in which the image is scanned is also quite different. This is because the original artwork is scanned directly onto a drum scanner. In most cases, a giclee printer has the ability to scan flexible images of up to 500x700mm.

What sort of printing paper is applied in Giclee prints?

The fact is that contemporary giclee prints can be produced on any paper one wishes to use, and printers can chose from several specific materials. However, John Nieto prints are done on canvas since they produce artworks that are close to the original as possible, not only in texture, but also in color. In addition, canvas prints tend to be a whole lot more durable than paper due to the fact they don’t crease when rolled up for mailing purposes.

How Many Contemporary Art Prints Can be Made?

One of the main advantages of giclee printing is that the moment a scan is made; customers can order as much southwest art as they wish.

Online Contemporary Art Gallery

The joy of giclee prints is that you can practically produce your work over and over again and furthermore at a reduced price so that artists can share it easily. This is beneficial to both the buyer and seller. To take a look at the selection of fine art prints Nieto has on display, visit his online gallery at