What is a Giclee Print?

What Makes a Giclee Print Different from Other Artwork Reproductions?

For art lovers, contemporary giclee prints can be a smart way to begin a modern art collection. Giclee prints provides the best form of color accuracy above any other form of reproduction, and also lasts the longest when taken care of. Giclee print is the closest and strongest form of art reproduction, and will strongly mimic any original modern art piece that you love.

“A spray or a squirt of liquid” defines the word “giclee” and is a french term that explains this style of art reproduction. Giclee prints maintain all the tonalities of the original painting, and if kept away from sunlight, can last for up to 25 years. Regarding quality, giclee prints are similar to traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing process, which is most commonly found in museums, art galleries and photographic galleries.Southwest-art-for-sale-by-John-Nieto

Unlike other forms of reproduction, mechanical devices and screens are not used in giclee printing, which eliminates the visibility of dot screen patterns. Instead, high resolution digital scans are utilized to produce contemporary giclee reproductions and other forms of prints. Giclee printing works with archival, high quality inks and extracts it onto fine substances, such as canvases, photo-base paper, etc.

Professional 8-color to 12-color ink-jet printers are typically used to manufacture these prints, and are capable of producing highly detailed production for fine art, photographic markets and more. The process undergone to create giclee reproductions is rather slow, and so giclee prints tend to be produced 1 or 2 at a time. However, due to this intensive and long process, giclee printing maintains a strong level of color accuracy.

Artists find that giclee prints are a great way to reproduce their fine, original pieces on-demand and as needed. This eliminates the high upfront cost of mass reproduction for limited art pieces. When an image has been digitally archived for giclee printing, it can be produced thereafter with minimal effort and at a reasonably low cost. Giclee prints also has the advantage of being reproduced at any size and unto various mediums which allows the artists to customize their prints to suit the needs of their clients.

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Start your contemporary wall art collection today with contemporary giclee prints. When you purchase a giclee print, you can be assured that you are receiving a high quality reproduction that will last for years to come.  Please take some time to explore our gallery online, contact us online or call (415) 347-8173 for questions about your options.