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Artwork Display And Its Relevance In Home Decor

Contemporary Art Decor Can Make A Statement

According to research, it only takes seven seconds to create a first impression. Following that train of thought, a bold canvas of contemporary artwork can indeed breathe new life into any room by creating a daring statement, but it’s important to follow some aesthetic guidelines to accomplish this goal.

Much like pinpointing the perfect reproduction from an extensive collection of contemporary giclee prints, it’s just as important to determine how and where to display it – or you might risk losing the artwork within an overburdened space, where it will feel stray and foreign. We want to share with you these three simple steps to ensure that your next contemporary wall art faithfully mirrors your personality while it reshapes the physical concept of its new home.

1. There is science behind all colors. So, choose them wisely.
Before shopping for your next piece of artwork, think about where you intend to display it and picture the dominant colors from that space. There is substantial evidence which shows that different colors and hues can effectively alter our body chemistry by inspiring us with various feelings. For example, cool palettes bring calmness and relaxation, so they’re best suited for bedrooms. Warm colors, on the other hand, tend to awake and welcome us – think of them for your living room or other greeting spaces. When choosing your next John Nieto prints, find their more dominant color and picture them in their new space. Aim for a feeling of belonging, like they’ve been there the entire time.

2. When it comes to art, size does matter.
Both sizing and positioning can make a huge difference in your art display. A good rule of thumb is to previously measure the dimensions of your empty walls and then try to find a print which fits accordingly. Usually, you will want to cover between two-thirds to three-quarters of that empty space with your next investment. If you have a long and thin wall, try to pick a long and thin canvas. Additionally, find that point in the wall which is at eye-level – this is where you’ll place it. Finally, don’t worry about having a very large wall. Instead of having one large Southwest wall art, you can achieve those same results with several smaller giclee reproductions.

3. Proper lighting can bring new life where there was none.
When everything else has been taken care of, your final step is to reconsider the lights. Too little, and these prints can feel dull and shy, almost absent. But too much and they will surely cause the same effect as well. For any space which is constantly bathed by natural light during the day, try to place your prints away from those sun rays – or consider framing them with special anti-glare glass. For corridors, consider adding some additional dim lights to grasp attention and create a more lively space.

Begin Or Complement Your Collection with Contemporary Native American Art

Our online virtual fine art gallery is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can view the works of our Southwest artist as well as other artists Nieto Fine Arts represents to find moving and inspiring contemporary wall art. You may find the piece that speaks to your heart and soul today.