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Artist Spotlight: Craig Poindexter

Nieto Fine Art Hosts Craig Poindexter 

Craig Poindexter is a full-time painter who has lived and worked in San Francisco since 2001. One of his main objectives has always been to prove that beauty can be found in almost everything around us, even in items that most people often find repugnant. In order to prove his claims regarding these traditionally unappealing elements, Poindexter cites abandoned factories, a bad acid trip and industrial cityscapes as sources of inspiration.

He also adds that scenes usually associated with the erosion of American culture can still offer some beauty to those who wish to look close enough. In his view, most of his paintings can be referred to as abstract art.

When you look at Poindexter’s pieces, you will find that he does not limit himself in terms of how he paints. This is because he uses diverse media like Photoshop, digital photography, video, and steel. According to Poindexter, his love for art started at a very early age. In 1989, he managed to attain a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from the San Francisco State University.

He later on went to work in costume design, scenic painting, and set design in New York City for 5 years. He then returned to the Bay Area to take up work in media graphics. According to the artist, he uses his experiences and educational background to create his pieces.

Poindexter has managed to create a reputable portfolio when it comes to abstract art. Through the use of an online art gallery, he has also managed to showcase some of the best Bay Area contemporary art around. He claims that his main aim is to search for the beauty in life, regardless of where it maybe, in other words showcasing a pretty picture in a toxic sunset.

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With each passing day, more and more people in the Bay Area and other parts of America are exposed to Poindexter’s unique form of art. Click here to see Craig Poindexter’s work in our online abstract art gallery.