John Nieto Original Art in Modern Room

Instill New Life Into Your Place With Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Decor

Good interior design can make just about any room more pleasant and elegant, but for a place to feel vital and inspiring, it needs to stay around a theme – one with a clear message.

With contemporary wall art canvases, any living room or office space can transcend from stylish decor to a state of life and motion. A piece of art is neither selfish nor unchanging – it can imbue its presence into the environment just as it can also awaken from what surrounds it. Contemporary art, especially, can see right through us because it comes to life from our very palette of human emotions. It feels familiar, even though we can’t fully grasp the reason. However, there are two main concepts behind this creative thought – theme and placement.

Since art is so versatile, it can both enhance an existing decor scheme as well as create a theme where there wasn’t any. For example, a living room which features pieces of furniture in direct contrast with the reigning color of the walls and roof can come together as one single body, by setting a canvas which emphasizes on both sides of the spectrum. Or perhaps, a board meeting room which looks seemingly dull with just one dominant hue can come back to life, with one of the many giclee reproductions featuring a radically opposing color. Usually, contemporary artwork tends to lay more on the abstract view, so there is no risk of feeding the environment with too much information.

Art placement is just as important as its thematic core. The context in which a canvas is displayed shapes as much of our emotional experiences as the themes and techniques inside it. This artwork should resonate with its surroundings to create a feeling of unity and harmony, which is precisely one the greatest traits of modern art – to transcend all background barriers. Ultimately, these pieces of artwork should send a clear and engaging message to their observers, without being overly intrusive.

The psychology of color can also affect our initial perception when walking into a room. Several studies show that home environments favor cooler hues to alleviate some of the stress acquired throughout the day. Offices and stores, on the other hand, might prefer the warmer side of the spectrum to establish a more substantial engagement with potential clients. In any case, modern art can stylishly put together any room – home or office.

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Whether it’s a living room with all the pieces of furniture set in place or a freshly clean office space, they can all breathe new life with these avant-garde John Nieto┬áreproductions or samples of southwest art for sale. Visit Nieto Fine Art today and prepare to be moved.