The Purpose Of Your Contemporary Art Collection

 Contemporary Art Collections

For centuries, humanity has developed an acquired taste for stocking rare paintings and other forms of art, as some kind of wealth statement and power display. Even today, art collecting is considered as yet another way of safe investment, since most paintings seldom lose their value over time. However, is this truly the real purpose of art? Can a painting inspire if it’s locked down in a warehouse, deprived of all human interaction?

As an example, the most valuable art collection stands at roughly $3 billion altogether. It holds the largest Picasso selection on the planet – about 300 originals, which add up to $900 million just by themselves. This is a business model with a brutally simple concept. Buy tons of paintings, hold on to them for a while at a tax-free warehouse somewhere around the world, and then sell those paintings for a profit – remarkably easy.

However, what about taking a different perspective? Possessing any form of artwork – from traditional to contemporary wall art – is not about wealth, power, or supremacy. It never was. Your art collection should speak to your soul in the same way they did with their creators. Of course, any and all forms of art do have a monetary value. After all, they are unique creations brought to life by unique individuals. But their value alone should never be your primary drive for acquiring art.

Fortunately, there is a way to amass art within a regular budget. It involves the collecting contemporary art prints, giclees, and reproductions. This form of building a contemporary wall art collection allows you to purchase artwork with vibrant and electric colors, lines, and forms, without taking out a large loan. In addition, you only need one piece per physical space to make a statement – not one of wealth and power, but one of a personal and spiritual connection.

Artwork should be able to communicate its message by inspiring countless souls throughout its existence. As Lao Tse so eloquently phrased: “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.” Analogously, your journey of self-discovery through art should begin with a single canvas.

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Our only advice? Try not to find the perfect fit for your office or living room. Don’t analyze symmetry, lines, colors, or any other bit of information in the paintings. Instead, when browsing through our online contemporary southwest art gallery, try to overlook logical reasoning and just let the canvases do the talking. Many people think that we get to select our paintings. But we believe that in reality, it is the paintings that choose us.