Beginning a Collection of Contemporary Art Decor

Beginning a Collection of Contemporary Art Decor

Collectors Should Buy What they Like and Know Abstract Art Prints are Far Superior to Posters

Contemporary art decor serves as an unapologetic self-expression in your home. Whether you are an avid conformist or outspoken maverick, a personal art collection clearly articulates thoughts, convictions, and inner beliefs that are hard to fully verbalize with words. If you are at the beginning of your art journey, knowing the best place to begin may seem nebulous. There is no proven and predetermined process that will provide you a path to respect and success as an art collector. There are however, helpful tips and concepts that will help you start out in the right direction with your collecting.

Buy What You Like

It may seem like we are stating the obvious, but sometimes people fall into the trap of buying a “flip it” piece of artwork. Save yourself time and resources by purchasing what you like off the shelf. Think of your collection as an estate you can invest in. This will help you purchase art that is worth having in your collection. If your artwork fails to appreciate you will at least be happy to have the pieces you buy in your home if you start out by choosing art that you enjoy.

Do Research

Before you start purchasing artwork, do research and find out where you can obtain the best value and prices. There are plenty of bargains out there. You may consider charity auctions or auction houses for good deals or you may choose to go direct to the artist.

Don’t Buy Expecting to Make Money

Disregard any beliefs that you will get rich from identifying the next big artists. Art economist Don Thompsons in The $12 Million Stuffed Shark (Palgrave Macmillan) shares that noted collector Charles Sattchi loses money on two out of five purchases, makes a moderate profit on two and garners a large profit on a small fifth of all collections. If the world’s learned, experienced and respected art collectors have such a low return on investment, what is to be said of the beginning art collector? Instead of falling into mindless “get rich quick” schemes, simply go for what you enjoy. Quit any anxiety or hesitation you may experience when you encounter art that is new or progressive. Embrace a wide range of contemporary art disciplines like: video art, light sculptures and 3-D wall sculptures.

Avoid Being Too Trendy

There is a fine balance between progression and error. It is very difficult to be on the cutting edge of the newest art trends, unless you are highly experienced and widely revered within the industry. When starting out, don’t’ be afraid to purchase items that are unconventional, but also consider collecting classic pieces that are obscure, but timeless.

Bargain Down

You don’t always have to accept a dealer’s price. You can peruse different databases and trustworthy websites to find the best price. Check out resources like the Blouin Art Sales Index,,,, or Nieto Fine Art for ideas and comparisons.

Avoid Posters

Don’t buy a poster, even if it’s your favorite artist. If you love abstract art for example, consider buying a small edition, abstract art prints are relatively affordable, but make sure they are signed by the artist.

Begin Your Collection With Fauvist Style Native American Art from Nieto Fine Art

To begin your art collection, visit Native American Artist John Nieto’s contemporary and fauvist style art gallery. You can purchase original art pieces or the limited and open edition of giclée style art prints at the online gallery. Send us a message online or call (415) 347-8173 to speak with an art sales representative.