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Native American Matriarchal Societies

Women in Contemporary American Indian Art

“Mama knows best” is a timeless truth. It’s a reality that transcends cultures, racial differences, geographical barriers and speaks to the heart of the human condition. Even within patriarchal societies, women and the influence they operate over their children has been documented and celebrated. Within traditional Native American cultures, there were tribes that recognized the wisdom of women, but continued to keep men as the dominant ruling class and decision makers. However, other tribes like Cherokee and Navajo upheld a matriarchal society where women ruled.

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The Meaning of Deer in Native American Culture

Contemporary Wildlife Art Reflects Proud & Rich Symbolism

Native American art often reflects rich themes, cultural beliefs and traditional ideologies. Artists like John Nieto use artwork to display the dignity, humanity and beauty of American Indian cultures. Nieto’s Southwest wall art and other original paintings depict traditional Native American themes and important cultural figures like medicine men, the wolf, the bear, warriors and more. The deer was also an important animal in certain Native American tribes, and served a symbolic role in daily life.

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The History of Fauvism and Its Affect on Abstract Art

Bold Fauvist Style Art Was Not Without Early Critics

Vivid colors, robust brushstrokes, plain forms, lawless creativity — the fauvist movement was impulsive by nature. It exemplified revolutionary sentiments that fought against the norm. Fauvist artists like Raoul Dufy boasted of radical artistry that went against tradition: “I don’t follow any system. All the laws you can lay down are only so many props to be cast aside when the hour of creation arrives.” Continue reading The History of Fauvism and Its Affect on Abstract Art

Choosing and Buying Authentic Contemporary American Indian Artist Works

What to Look Out for When Purchasing Contemporary American Indian Art

If you love Native American and southwest art décor, knowing the safest place to buy these items can be tricky. There are scammers out there trying to fraudulently sell Native American art. For example, according to, three men were recently charged for violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA). They tried to import and sell Filipino-made jewelry as Native American art. Luckily there are laws in place that aim to protect the misrepresentation of Native American artwork. Still, with plenty of frauds out there, knowing how to avoid them is key. Continue reading Choosing and Buying Authentic Contemporary American Indian Artist Works

Native American Artists Underrepresented in American Art Museums

Women and Minorities Find Less Representation in Large Contemporary Art Galleries

Native American artist John Nieto has made huge strides in bringing national recognition and respect to Native American artists and their paintings. His work can be found within the presidential library and was even presented to Ronald Reagan during his presidential term. Recognized as “fine art,” Nieto’s online southwest art gallery depicts bold representations of Native American themes, culture and continues to be a strong voice within contemporary art circles. Continue reading Native American Artists Underrepresented in American Art Museums

Beginning a Collection of Contemporary Art Decor

Collectors Should Buy What they Like and Know Abstract Art Prints are Far Superior to Posters

Contemporary art decor serves as an unapologetic self-expression in your home. Whether you are an avid conformist or outspoken maverick, a personal art collection clearly articulates thoughts, convictions, and inner beliefs that are hard to fully verbalize with words. If you are at the beginning of your art journey, knowing the best place to begin may seem nebulous. There is no proven and predetermined process that will provide you a path to respect and success as an art collector. There are however, helpful tips and concepts that will help you start out in the right direction with your collecting. Continue reading Beginning a Collection of Contemporary Art Decor

Contemporary Art and the Impact of Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting and Contemporary Art

Long hailed as the leader in modern art, Paris would take 2nd place to New York during the emergence of a new contemporary art movement that flourished in the 40’s and 50’s. Many European artists fled Europe to escape political unrest and fascist regimes in the 1930’s, bringing with them strong Surrealist ideologies and methods. Surrealism with its focus on the unconscious, would inspire American artists and encourage artistic experimentation with myths and symbols that is inherent in Abstract Expressionism. Continue reading Contemporary Art and the Impact of Abstract Expressionism

Do’s and Don’ts of Art Gallery Etiquette

Avoid Offending Art Galleries and Artists by Following these Tips

The passionate and innovative nature of contemporary wall art may encourage spectators to express their thoughts and ideologies in radical, vocal ways. Unfortunately, some art viewers have mistakenly taken the liberty to express their non-conformist ways during art exhibitions and art gallery tours– leaving guests and artists perturbed and offended. Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of Art Gallery Etiquette

The History of Abstract Art

Various Cultures and their Interpretations of Abstract Art

Throughout the centuries, the creation, depiction, representation and evolution of art has depended heavily on a culture’s beliefs, daily lifestyle, religious convictions and natural resources. For example, artists in China, Japan, India and Europe enjoyed access to metal, good clay, brushes and pigments. This allowed them to develop more elaborate techniques that created concise illusions of natural things and spiritual concepts. Adversely, in Africa and Oceania where the limitation of materials and harsh climatic conditions created barriers for artists, artistic and spiritual themes were often represented through symbolism and idols that related to concepts. Continue reading The History of Abstract Art

Native American Art: Traditions & Their Origins

Native American Art by John Nieto
“Welcome to the Neighborhood” ©2015 John Nieto

Native American Artists Weren’t Always Recognized as “Artists” 

The emergence of contemporary American Indian art has garnered recognition from nationally and globally acclaimed art institutions. Yet, the word “art” reveals one of the basic differences between European and Native American ideologies. Traditionally, Native Americans did not adopt art as a major way of life as European cultures in the West did. Apart from a few small groups, the word “art” and “artist” was not even present in traditional American Indian languages. Continue reading Native American Art: Traditions & Their Origins