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Reasons to Buy Art From Local Galleries

Tips for Collecting Art

Art pieces can go a long way toward creating a comfortable home atmosphere or brightening up an office at work. Buying local art supports small artist communities and diversifies your home collection, potentially connecting you with up-and-comers whose work is on the verge of becoming internationally recognized and celebrated.

Here are 4 more reasons to choose local gallery art:

It helps the Artist and your community. Today’s artists use diverse forums, including online art galleries and traveling exhibits, to display their work. But recognition requires community support. Whenever you buy a piece of local art, you help not just the artist but also the entire local artistic community.

You can meet the artist. Why not create a personal connection with the artist as well as with the art? After all, replicas of famous paintings usually don’t have much of a backstory, but many unique local pieces have meaningful backgrounds.

Local pieces may depict scenes or experiences that are very familiar to you and your family. The artist might even work on commission for you — or you might come across a piece that features the local landscape, like the Southwest, in a way that resonates with you and makes you feel nostalgic.

You’ll have a different buying experience. A local gallery is likely to cater to your requests and provide you with detailed information, so you can better vet both original pieces and art prints for sale. Galleries may also provide you with a payment plan – something you may not get online or through other venues.

Buy From Local Bay Area Artists!


If you’re searching for the perfect art piece of art to light up your living room, or give as a gift to someone you love, please check out the diverse collection we have available here at Nieto Fine Art! We represent a number of local contemporary artists, including the legendary John Nieto! Give us a call at  415-347-8173 or fill out our contact form.

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