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4 Tips For Budding Artists

Contemporary Art is an Adventure, Not a Destination

Most people who are able to find their passion in life during the early stages of their upbringing should consider themselves lucky. This is particularly true for those who will eventually adopt contemporary art. This is because, even if you’re able to discover your talent at an early age, you will still have to deal with the issue of doing it on a professional level at one point or another.

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How to Become Inspired as an Artist

Tips for Awakening Your Inner Artist and Beating Artists Block

Getting inspired is not always easy, particularly for artists working a 9 to 5 job that is not related to art. In most cases, we are either too tired or simply distracted by our daily routine to think about anything else. As a result, we have to search out other sources of inspiration and creativity.

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Deeply Connected: Native American Art

Southwest Art As A Way of Life

Native American art is incredibly unique and diverse. Just as each tribe is distinctive and has its own set of customs and practice, Native American art reflects the inherent differences of each group. Customs, history and religion are highlighted in many of the traditional art pieces, whether Navajo, Hopi or Plains Native Americans. Continue reading Deeply Connected: Native American Art