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The Relationship Between Art and Culture

Art Influences Culture, Culture Influences Art

Art and culture at their very core serve as some of the most significant, dynamic, participation, and social influences of human behavior and interaction. When put together, they have the ability to generate empathy, stir up dialogue, induce reflection and charter new relationships and ideas.

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Animal Portrayal In Contemporary Art

Animals as Part of Contemporary Art Decor

For tens of thousands of years, wild beasts have been a major inspiration source for our creative impulse, and the most ancient cave paintings depicting animals are as old as art itself. Pictures of bison, horses, deer, and other creatures can be found all across the globe, especially in France and Spain – some of these records can be traced back to roughly forty thousand years ago. Back in those days, the representation of animals was much more objective, as they were seen as sources of food and pelts for those severe winters, nothing else. However, as our human processes started to evolve, so did our artistic understandings and perceptions. Animal portrayals gained subjectivity, as they acquired a more symbolic and spiritual status.

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The Purpose Of Your Contemporary Art Collection

 Contemporary Art Collections

For centuries, humanity has developed an acquired taste for stocking rare paintings and other forms of art, as some kind of wealth statement and power display. Even today, art collecting is considered as yet another way of safe investment, since most paintings seldom lose their value over time. However, is this truly the real purpose of art? Can a painting inspire if it’s locked down in a warehouse, deprived of all human interaction?

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Choosing and Buying Authentic Contemporary American Indian Artist Works

What to Look Out for When Purchasing Contemporary American Indian Art

If you love Native American and southwest art décor, knowing the safest place to buy these items can be tricky. There are scammers out there trying to fraudulently sell Native American art. For example, according to mvtelegraph.com, three men were recently charged for violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA). They tried to import and sell Filipino-made jewelry as Native American art. Luckily there are laws in place that aim to protect the misrepresentation of Native American artwork. Still, with plenty of frauds out there, knowing how to avoid them is key. Continue reading Choosing and Buying Authentic Contemporary American Indian Artist Works