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John Nieto on Historical Significance Within Art

Contemporary Art and Historical Style

John Nieto is considered to be one of America’s most prolific contemporary American Indian artists. His work mainly focuses on themes that exceed simple representation. He makes use of intense primary colors that are applied in bold strokes to bring about dimension and character to the canvas.

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The Trends of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Decor

Contemporary art defined is simply this: art created and produced by artists who are living in this present age. Art today comes in a variety of forms – paintings, performance art, conceptual art, videos, pop art and more. Contemporary art steers away from the idea that “good art” is aesthetically pleasing or pleasant. Instead, most contemporary art is meant to challenge societal perceptions and be portrayed as interesting and compelling. Continue reading The Trends of Contemporary Art

The History of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

If you’re familiar with Native American artists like John Nieto, you’ve likely enjoyed his culturally rich and contemporary american indian art. In today’s modern age, people are quick to throw around terms like “modern” and “contemporary,” when describing works of art from Nieto and other painters. But what does “contemporary” actually mean in today’s art scene? Is it the same or different from modern art? Although the words contemporary and modern can be used interchangeably in some situations, when it comes to art, modern art and contemporary art represents to two different eras.

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The Symbolism of Buffalo in Native American Culture

Contemporary Native American Art

American Indian artist John Nieto portrays strong cultural practices of traditional Native American tribes. His fauvism-inspired art pieces draw upon strong historical themes that represent the lifestyle and cultural norms of various Native Americans. The buffalo is often depicted within his paintings because it played a key role in American Indian lifestyles. Especially in Plains Indian tribes, buffalo were an important part of the lifestyle, folklore and spiritual practices.

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Native American Matriarchal Societies

Women in Contemporary American Indian Art

“Mama knows best” is a timeless truth. It’s a reality that transcends cultures, racial differences, geographical barriers and speaks to the heart of the human condition. Even within patriarchal societies, women and the influence they operate over their children has been documented and celebrated. Within traditional Native American cultures, there were tribes that recognized the wisdom of women, but continued to keep men as the dominant ruling class and decision makers. However, other tribes like Cherokee and Navajo upheld a matriarchal society where women ruled.

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Deeply Connected: Native American Art

Southwest Art As A Way of Life

Native American art is incredibly unique and diverse. Just as each tribe is distinctive and has its own set of customs and practice, Native American art reflects the inherent differences of each group. Customs, history and religion are highlighted in many of the traditional art pieces, whether Navajo, Hopi or Plains Native Americans. Continue reading Deeply Connected: Native American Art

Overcoming Stereotypes and Expectations with Contemporary Native American Art

Separating Fact From Fiction

Contemporary Native American art is taking a stand against prejudice and stereotype. Embedded within mainstream culture are notions and beliefs about American Indians that simply aren’t true. Movies like Pocahontas reinforce idealized concepts of the Native American lifestyle that are now being challenged by contemporary American Indian artists.
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