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Modern Southwest Style And Contemporary Decor

Southwest Wall Art

Similar components around the same theme look great when put together as they create a feeling of cohesion and symmetry. However, it is when combining disparate and – seemingly unrelated – elements, that we can feel a whole set of different emotions – it’s both comforting and refreshing. Need some examples? A few slices of fresh mango into a spicy casserole, smooth and velvety house beats combined with pure and classic jazzy tunes, or maybe a loose and relaxed undercut hairstyle to go with your favorite business suit. A magical journey takes over when fusing all these contrasting ingredients to create new life – and contemporary Southwest decor is another grand example.

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The History of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

If you’re familiar with Native American artists like John Nieto, you’ve likely enjoyed his culturally rich and contemporary american indian art. In today’s modern age, people are quick to throw around terms like “modern” and “contemporary,” when describing works of art from Nieto and other painters. But what does “contemporary” actually mean in today’s art scene? Is it the same or different from modern art? Although the words contemporary and modern can be used interchangeably in some situations, when it comes to art, modern art and contemporary art represents to two different eras.

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Beginning a Collection of Contemporary Art Decor

Collectors Should Buy What they Like and Know Abstract Art Prints are Far Superior to Posters

Contemporary art decor serves as an unapologetic self-expression in your home. Whether you are an avid conformist or outspoken maverick, a personal art collection clearly articulates thoughts, convictions, and inner beliefs that are hard to fully verbalize with words. If you are at the beginning of your art journey, knowing the best place to begin may seem nebulous. There is no proven and predetermined process that will provide you a path to respect and success as an art collector. There are however, helpful tips and concepts that will help you start out in the right direction with your collecting. Continue reading Beginning a Collection of Contemporary Art Decor

Exploring and Understanding Contemporary Native American Art

 The Importance of Native American Art


When you behold the captivating art décor of contemporary Native American artist John Nieto, you instantly recognize unique elements engrained in each masterpiece. Traditional Native American themes are affectionately portrayed with daring, audacious colors and vivid imagery; creating a sense of nostalgia and cultural dignity in every art piece. Bold strokes and primary colors give character and depth to each painting. Nieto adapts traditional linear techniques when adding detail and intensity to his etchings and drawings. The methods and sentiments towards each art piece he creates cause his work to stand out. Continue reading Exploring and Understanding Contemporary Native American Art

The Symbolism of the Bear in Native American Art

Native American Art and its Historical Symbolism of the Grizzly Bear

You’ve been told to run and hide at the site of them, but did you know that bears are a symbol of strength, family, vitality, courage and health for traditional Native American tribes? Native American art and legends are filled with bear-like influences, and often hold strong symbolism.  Today, the bear has a strong influence in modern contemporary art.  Continue reading The Symbolism of the Bear in Native American Art

Add Color to your Summer Decor with John Nieto Paintings

Brighten up the Room With Nieto Fine Art

Contemporary art in home

The sun is out and it’s time to break out the summer decor! John Nieto’s contemporary wall art is full of rich, vibrant color schemes and can add the right amount of pizzazz to any room. But if you’re wondering how to incorporate the best color combinations into a room without overwhelming the senses, apply these general rules when decorating your home. Continue reading Add Color to your Summer Decor with John Nieto Paintings