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How to Become Inspired as an Artist

Tips for Awakening Your Inner Artist and Beating Artists Block

Getting inspired is not always easy, particularly for artists working a 9 to 5 job that is not related to art. In most cases, we are either too tired or simply distracted by our daily routine to think about anything else. As a result, we have to search out other sources of inspiration and creativity.

You may not know it, but inspirational ideas are anywhere an artist decides to venture, from whom they talk to and their experiences, to everything else they do outside of art.

Be it artists block, or you just need some few suggestions on where to look for artistic inspiration, Southwest artist John Nieto offers the following strategies to help you reignite the artist in you:


Whether it’s soft and soothing tunes, or fast rhythmic vibes, listening to music is a great way of setting the mood for painting and creating art. If you’ re used to one genre or one type of music, but the creativity isn’t flowing, try listening to something different. Another idea is to play some of your favorite tunes from your teenage years. This might stir up your creative juices and give you the motivation you need.


Carrying a camera wherever you go means you can take pictures of things that inspire you the moment you see them. Regardless of which style of art you prefer, taking lots of photographs will help you develop a better eye for composition. From time to time, you can review your photographs and chose the best ones for a scrapbook or photo album, and refer to it when you need ideas or inspiration.


As all great authors will tell you, reading helps to stimulate one’s imagination. It can spring up ideas in your mind that you had never thought of before. If you are already a reading enthusiast and you’re still feeling uninspired, switch things up, and read books from a different genre. You should also keep a scrapbook close for jotting down any ideas that may come to you.

Get Outdoors

Nature can serve as a good source of inspiration. It offers so much beauty that most of us tend to miss out on every day. As an artist, going for a walk along the beach, hiking up a mountain trail, or taking a boat ride can help clear your mind and allow you to come up with fresh ideas.

Stay Healthy

Eating healthy, staying fit, and getting enough sleep can have a direct impact on your inspiration. You can’t be creative if you feel tired all the time.

Learn More About Southwest Artist John Nieto

If you are interested in contemporary American Indian art or contemporary art décor, as a Southwest artist, John Nieto gains his inspiration from history and culture. If you are interested in viewing his art as a source of inspiration, visit his online contemporary art gallery and ignite your imagination!