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Artist Feature: Eric Bailey

A San Francisco Artist

Influential artist, Eric Bailey, specializes in abstract and contemporary art that critics have described as forward-thinking and inspirational. The son of creative parents, Bailey showed artistic aptitude early in life. He earned his B.A. from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where he now lives and works.

Bailey uses art to tell stories about his life, observations and troubles. He travels around California for ideas, drawing diversely from the urban populations of San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as from breathtaking Golden State landscapes, state parks and mountain ranges. Inspired by Rembrandt, he acquires tokens and memorabilia during his travels and uses these mementos to inform his work.

Bailey creates contemporary oil paintings in a classical style that seeks to merge what he calls the “traditional thought of luxury” with nature and the modern world. Bailey’s work occupies a novel middle ground between naturalism and materialism. Since Andy Warhol’s time, countless artists have explored and dissected the subject of materialism. We live in a consumer culture, so it’s only natural that we find ourselves fascinated by (and occasionally appalled by) materialistic excess. Bailey has reshaped this popular trope and found new and insightful things to say about it.

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His art has been featured in shows and exhibitions throughout California over the last decade, and critics have praised his pieces for emotional depth, precise brush strokes and thought-provoking abstract compositions. If you’re searching for quality work from Bay Area art phenoms, like Eric Bailey, we invite you to explore our diverse online gallery today!


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