Native American Matriarchal Societies

Women in Contemporary American Indian Art

“Mama knows best” is a timeless truth. It’s a reality that transcends cultures, racial differences, geographical barriers and speaks to the heart of the human condition. Even within patriarchal societies, women and the influence they operate over their children has been documented and celebrated. Within traditional Native American cultures, there were tribes that recognized the wisdom of women, but continued to keep men as the dominant ruling class and decision makers. However, other tribes like Cherokee and Navajo upheld a matriarchal society where women ruled.

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Deeply Connected: Native American Art

Southwest Art As A Way of Life

Native American art is incredibly unique and diverse. Just as each tribe is distinctive and has its own set of customs and practice, Native American art reflects the inherent differences of each group. Customs, history and religion are highlighted in many of the traditional art pieces, whether Navajo, Hopi or Plains Native Americans. Continue reading Deeply Connected: Native American Art