The New Collector’s Guide to Limited Edition Reproductions

Contemporary Art Prints and Reproductions

Original fine art prints, much like fine local California wines, are often only produced in small batches. They are made by hand and etched one at a time by the artist. The most sought-after art prints are created with high-quality materials. Their exceptional quality distinguishes them from reproductions and makes them hard, if not impossible, to replicate. Continue reading The New Collector’s Guide to Limited Edition Reproductions

John Nieto: An Artist Reborn

The Turning Point for the Southwest Artist

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Bay Area Contemporary Art
Getting Acquainted” by John Nieto. ©2015 Nieto Fine Art.
Western artist John Nieto has a miraculous background that he draws upon to add emotional depth and meaning to his art. His paintings have won wide acclaim for providing colorful narratives of Native American history. All the work the well-known Native American artist completes offers a window into his own narrative and focuses on themes and icons he to which he can relate on a personal level – elements that he believes have universal resonance.
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